NWH – To co nas czyni ludźmi (English lyrics)

[Chorus] x2
We’ve got big hearts and doors open for the trusted ones.
We try to understand others even if we have different views on things.
We’re taking care of people who are close to us.
We’ve kept you in our memories just like the days of beer garden.

[First Verse: Kotzi]
I’m closing my eyes and I can feel the scent of railway tracks during summertime.
Hot rails, sketches, crews, some fat caps.
The smell of grease, Pentel, weed and Sparvars (spray paint)
We were fast and agile like monkeys from Gibraltar.
Sometimes I take a trip down memory lane
and start to have a sense of nostalgia, bro.
For me hip hop meant hauling ass from a train yard at night-time.
Mat in a park, DJ Mono’s scratches, “Zakaz Wjazdu” (Polish rap group)
My town all covered in chrome paint, pure hardcore.
We would ran into trouble on numerous occasions
* but “AWANTURA” (fan magazine) was the biggest one (play on words)
It’s a manifestation of rebellion against the system.
I’ve got a lifelong respect for those who started it.
I would trade all the hard work I’ve put into it just to see Bielik again.
* Combo Lords – forever dope.
Nowadays we have BU, BoKoTy, LOV, DC and NaSkraju (rap crews)
Friendships fell apart just like too tight shoes.
One thing is for sure, our rappers (from their hometown) are the shit.

[Chorus] x2

[Second Verse: Seraf]
Places, nicknames,
pleasant moments and tight situations.
They made me the man I am today.
They will come up again. We’ve got lots of memories.
Urban vibe, chilling out, hardcore.
In order to relax I’m thinking back to
the times when small change was our biggest problem.
Back then no one had a fat wallet. Some of us grew fat though, for instance, me or Palma (play on words)
Mat, mic and spray paints was all that mattered to me.
It’s like a slide show which I’m projecting with the use of beats.
Few of them for the trusted ones, don’t ask me about the rest.
Community policeman was fed up with us cause he had to send out patrols.
Standard procedure in case of a denunciation.
We’re sharing the same faith, some went their separate ways.
Maybe it’s because of the inadvisable fast pace.
Maybe they’re waking up with a craving.
I don’t know. I’m pondering over it myself.
I’ve kept my people in my head. NWH. Shout-outs.


a) Original text: ” Niejedna awantura, ale najważniejszy zin jest”
The noun ” awantura” means ” fight, brawl”. ‘AWANTURA’ is
also the name of zin (fan magazine) that is shown in the video clip.
b)Combo Lords was a big rap/graffiti crew from the city of Radom.
They went their separate ways but Kotzi and Seraf are still doing their thing:
“Nowadays we have BU, BoKoTy, LOV, DC and NaSkraju”
Kotzi is a member of BU(Banda Unikat), BoKoTy, LOV and Seraf is a member
of BU, DCrew and NaSkraju.

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