NWH ft. Miodu (Jamal), KPSN, Pajczi – Trzeba uwierzyć (English lyrics)

[First verse: Miodu]
You had the longest curls in the entire world.
I was checkin’ you out from a roof of a block (of flats).
You were walking down the street and I just couldn’t get my eyes off you.
The world is so bright when you’re young.
NWH plus Miodu equals big and crazy
love, everything came out of (city of) Radom after all.
There was a wife and then there was her
so fucked up on drugs that she went wild.
They split our tax income refund and it triggered an avalanche of events.
These text messages, the stress and shady dealings.
I don’t want no drugs. I’m feelin’ blue.
It took me a while before it sank in that it is over.
Don’t let the darkness consume you.
Try to accept it, don’t be like a tin soldier.

[Chorus: Miodu]x2
We’ll reach Zion.
Kingston is just around the corner.
People don’t just break-up with each other out of nowhere.

[Second verse: Seraf]
I’ve made many sacrifices for others. In the name of what? I don’t know.
This is about people who didn’t seem reliable.
This is to the people who had no qualms about wasting my time.
Eventually I’ve said “enough is enough”.
I don’t think about the past,
about situations that left me weak.
It’s like when you’re tryin’ to help your homie
make some dough and he’s tryin’ to fuck you over.
It’s like giving your heart to a woman
who is only about your paper.
Despite all the disappointments funk still plays in my soul.
Now I know who I can count on.
We’ve lived through a thing or two.
DRB produced the beat and guys laid their verses.
I don’t have no time for drama
so I’ve shut away from all the fake friends.

[Third verse: KPSN]
If something’s not good for you then be like “fuck it”.
I remember the carefree days when we were drinkin’ beer
and my homie was rollin’ blunts.
I had to go my separate way but I never forgot
that bench in a park were we would rap, drunk as hell.
I didn’t know what to do with my life.
Driven by affection, I’ve packed my things and left.
I won’t lie, sometimes it’s hard.
I’m sitting alone in my room, surrounded by utter silence.
I don’t feel like talkin’ to anyone but she understands me without words.
She comforts me and I fall asleep.
I see a (safe)haven for us.
Accept the fact that it’s over (relationship) and you’ll start to look at things differentely.
If something’s toxic then you need to put an end to it.
Even though I’m not a soothsayer, homie, I’m tellin’ you
that your fate will change for better.


[Fourth verse: Kotzi]
Tell me, how well you know the term ”split-up”?
It’s as if your best pieces were crossed by Spit.
Out of the blue, you experience a non physical pain.
That woman who was your driving force is gone.
Maybe now everything will turn out well?
Even though it’s hard for you to wrap your head around it,
words are writing themselves.
I’m using it to the fullest. I must stand up to the vicissitudes of fortune.
I can’t stop making music, it smoothens the pain.
I gave up weed for us.
I got my shit together for you, I used to call them my bros.
I have to re-evaluate past relationships.
It’s hard to believe that my ex is now in love with someone else.
There’s never a good moment to crush your partner’s heart.
I’ve been bustin’ my ass for the last 20 years and that’s why I can’t just stop.
She’s the only lady that won’t do me wrong. NWH!

[Fifth verse: Pajczi]
I was bending over backwards [idiom] but I’m not takin’ about yoga classes. [play on words]
I was walking with a stagger.
Dinner is on the table but I won’t touch it.
It seems like split-up is inevitable.
I would stand in front of a liquor store, never empty-handed.
I’m sittin’ at the bistro and I’m not afraid that ghosts may show up.
I’m making moves, ma-making moves.
For the nth time in a row I’m lying drunk on the floor.
You’re the only person I want to be with right now.
I was in places were there was no partyin’
but now I’m picking up a girl in the club and taking her with me.
Not a lot has changed.
It’s a tightrope walk. Good or evil, nothing in between.
Gimme some scrilla for ’em verses cause I’m dope.
The mistakes I’ve made are comin’ back to me.
Do we have to lose someone we love before we appreciate them?


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