NWH – Lato ’99 (English lyrics)

Late night escapades, first pieces.
We were formin’ crews because there’s safety in numbers.
Our paths crossed during the summer of ’99
and we’ve been active since then. NWH, wait for more.

[First verse: Kotzi]
”Inwazja mocy”, summer of ’99, 26-600.
Train yard in Radom – a place of great significance for us.
We’ve teamed up, someone else found the envelope.
It was worth it because now you know who we are.
I would get all messy while doing a piece.
Spray cans, weed and cold beer – the best combination possible.
Our roots are in the underground art (music, graffiti etc.) and now it’s bearing fruits.
We’ve always been kicking this shit from the heart that’s why it’s so dope.
Hip hop is our shit.
NWH stands as a testament to it. Just like all the fans at the concerts.
I know who came up with my nickname and what my goal is.
See you at the top y’all! (Cheers, mate!)
We still like dope ass parties.
It’s important to get along with others and not to disgrace oneself.
We like both nice curves (chicks) and shapes (graffiti) [play on words]
and it won’t change.


[Second verse: Seraf]
It brought back memories of times when we were pouring
our thoughts on paper and bought our first cans of spray.
We weren’t getting into scuffles but we were no diligent students either.
‘Four-eyes’ would hit the bottle pretty hard
while local cum dumpsters would screw around.
From park to Buczka street, then through the block of flats.
From a roundabout one could see the train yard.
Each piece was a confidence booster and
fear of getting caught wasn’t as big as passion for graffiti.
Even though we weren’t doin’ it for the money.
I remember running away from railroad guards and whatnot.
Was it worth it?
Nothing else mattered. We wanted to add some life to the area.
”Inwazja” was just a prelude.
Who knew it would evolve like that.
We haven’t lost heart for it but we quit tagging in favour of rappin’.
ONS are still strong. You won’t get rid of us so easily.


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