NWH – Niech Wygra Hip-Hop (English lyrics)

[First verse: Kotzi]
The origins of hip hop in my city go back to mid-1990s.
We were drawn to it from the get go.
My homies are the reason why I’m so dedicated to this.
Pieces on orange train cars and looped beats.
Break dance, rap for the streets, beatbox, knowledge, vibe and warmed-up turntables.
We versus the rest of the world – hip hop must win!
There is no better feeling than knowing that my shit is tight.
Time is flyin’, I remember everything
and I came here also to say that love will prevail.
Lord, grant me patience and creativity, peace of mind and more time for wholetrains.
It’s a path that I’ve chosen as a teenage kid and now I just can’t live without rap.
Hip hop must win! This the kind of quality content Radom was waitin’ for.
You know what I mean? Of course. It’s something I’m familiar with,
like camouflage baggies or dupli color (spray paint).
We are really passionate about it.
These trophies are worth more than gold of highest purity.
It has to burn down, turn to dust and revive again.
It strengthened the bond between us like sharing a cigarette.
Love for putting words together, humanity!

Hip hop instead of hate, wounds and wars!
Hip hop as a way to overcome boredom !
Our rap is a tribute to its elements
Represent your town – it must win!

[Second verse: Seraf]
I’m switchin’ it to “on”, check out P1 sound system.
Shoutouts to those who are making noise when they hear Banda Unikat (rap group of which Seraf and Kotzi are members of)
I have my ups and downs, TiW sets the pace.
Kotzi, Drb are with me, we’re paying homage to foundation.
An unwritten jihad against those who stole the style.
I know that everyone gotta eat
but once you’re full up don’t foul your own nest.
This is the life we chose.
We were rappin’ at the football pitch
while others were binge drinking to the sounds of disco polo.
Just like Huzdemak rapped ” sound is outta control.”
We keep phony cunts at a distance.
The walls of your home won’t protect you.
Not only they have ears but also windows.
No matter how spiteful you are, you shameless bitch
you won’t have it your way, hip hop must win!


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