O.S.T.R – Hybryd (English lyrics)

[Chorus x2]
I’m carrying my own cross – work, recording studio, concert tours, kids, home.
I’m trying to find energy for all this.
My plan for today is to get that paper, take care of my children.
So don’t tell me how to live my life, because you’re the one who’s taking money from your

[1st verse]
My wife is worried that I’m smoking too much
but she’s not making a fuss about it cause I’m working my butt off.
I’m not getting much sleep. Few hours if I manage to sleep through the night.
Two kids. A day is too short.
One problem after another.
Either the little one has colic or I’m finding out that the older one
broke someone’s nose at the kindergarten.
One big massacre. When he’s fighting someone he goes the whole way.
At the parents’ evening I was told that he learned it from me.
No one treats you seriously when you’re making rap.
People think: ” It’s not a real job. Is it so difficult to learn a trade?”
When I was devoting my life to these letters
others were roasting on Tenerife beaches for money from a bank loan.
Do I have any regrets? I just feel sorry for them, that someone has power over them.
I don’t have time for holiday, and I avoid burns.
I’m getting back to my things, kids crave attention.
If you don’t know what I’m talking about ask your parents.

[Chorus x2]

[2nd verse]
Maybe I’m worrying prematurely that people don’t know
that there are still things worth crying over.
” How should we raise our children if a school diploma is only a piece of paper.”
This thought haunts us at night.
Papers don’t amount to much.
I talk about it with my wife. Little children, little problems…
* Big children are raising little ones. It’s worse when it’s the other way around.
For now my family fits in with the social norms – school, house,
how are your grades? The goal is to get through to the next year.
You know who’s the father just by looking at his marks.
Don’t talk to me about “A’s”. I don’t buy that crap.
Truth is, every whore was once a virgin.
Nothing in this world is for free. Fuck your facial expression.
You can make a face, try to pull the wool over my eyes, I won’t fall for that.
One black eye, finding “him” a friend won’t be hard.
Now you got two black eyes and a broken nose.
How do you like the party?
* Forever young like Hebe, number one #Chris Webber.
Before you say anything about my children, you better look behind you.

[Chorus x2]

Bro, it’s time to go back.

“Big children are raising little ones. It worse when it’s the other way around.”
Very often it’s the child who has to be responsible an take care of his/her parents,
for instance, cause they’re strugglin’ with addiction.

“Forever young like Hebe, number one #Chris Webber.”
Hebe – in ancient Greek religion, is the goddess of youth.
Chris Webber – an American retired professional basketball player, former number one
overall NBA draftee.

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Webber


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