OFR – QLF Abonner (English lyrics)

Unique verse :
I’m in the ghetto, in the builiding-ing-ing
It’s a rainy day, gotta get high-high-high
Today, there’s a four man plan
Gotta know how to fight-fight-fight-fight-fight
In the zoo, in the projects with all my homies
It drives you crazy, at the hotel
Man, some rap on the phone
Became a sailor , then a seaman
I don’t give a fuck, I don’t care care care
The whole projects with a blunt blunt blunt
The more I get bored, the more conceited I become come come
My worries are watching watching watching me
Bro, bro, bro, I don’t give a fuck about what you’re saying to me
Send the money over and the Banker will be cool
It’s in our projects that life is told
Add some sun and my heart will be down
But bro, I’m disgusted
My share of the pie, I would like to taste it
On mankind, how to not have any doubts ?
When you kill animals, I don’t feel like tasting
But who am I to not forgive ?
Don’t count on me, I don’t have anything to give
If you’re not QLF Abonné, It won’t be recess when the bell rings but your time that has come
Bro, you talk shit, but in front of my weapon, you don’t talk
Homie, I’m starving, send the money over so I can spend it
She’s acting smart but the fox gives her smacks
Miss, don’t wear any ballerinas, I’ll make you dance on my bat
The crew in the ghetto, I’m waiting on the money on the con-concrete
You gotta hustle, wake up early
She’s wearing the Islamic veil but you can see her nipples
Homie, homie, I’m in my zone, I’m drunk
Kilos, kilos to sell, euro bills to spend
Bro, in order to touch the top, you gotta work hard
Homie, I’m rolling up my blunt that puts me in a thinking mood
I’m rolling up my weed
Who wants me to pass the blunt over ? (pass the blunt over)
The heart on fire
Feeling divided
And we slang in the building’s hallway, in the living room
You’re being a dirty Tweety, Sylvester is going out to hustle
I don’t dream about Ibiza, but of getting money
Colossal amounts, as haram as the ham
And you’re running your mouth mouth mouth mouth
But you’re at the prison’s visiting room room room room
My soul is hurting hurting hurting hurting
And my angels as saluting me saluting me saluting me saluting me
I’m in my zone, zone, zone, zone, zone
Touch my phallus phallus phallus phallus
The money is missing at the call call call call
Hide everything in the aluminium aluminium
I forget about these moments of solitude
Crazy dreams, but I don”t want any one night stands
They’re all the same ? there’s some similarities
They dick ride in order to not have to work
Bro, things are tough, I’m worn out
Yeah, yeah, yeah, the money on your blunt wrap
Drinks on me (Onizuka)
Some bottles for the stress, a dry throat
Posted up in the projects, I’m leaving earth
And I’m searching for the voice of a woman, my mother’s
I’m not polygamous, just a polygama
Became an actor, ladies
On a panorama, (??) and I spit like a lama
Keep your head up, you’re not pretty woman
We’re out for the money, no times to play checkers
Things are tough, gotta pull out the knife
Tu finis par trouer la mèche de ce que ton homme réclame (??)
Rum-Rumpumpumpum,I’ve been around the misery, I’ve been around these sons of bitches
Rum-Rumpumpumpum, spend your life sleeping, spend your life with a bitch
In the jungle, giving, QLF abonné, kilos to give away
Yeah, deux S, poachers
Rahh, rahh, when there’s beef, you already know

Outro :
And I’m bored, I’m not in the mood to see all these pussies
I go into debts whenever I party, when I puff up my chest
She’s licking me, she’s harassing me, handing me over her cheque
I leave like an arrow under the storm, your bitch is checking me out


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