OXMO PUCCINO – Ma life ft ORELSAN (English lyrics)

Intro (OrelSan & Oxmo Puccino) :
– Ox, why is there that big smile on your face ?
– I was saying to myself that people, they don’t know how much we’ve succeeded in our lives (my life, my life). We’ve succeeded in our lives

1st verse (OrelSan) :
Ah ah ah, I’ve succeeded in my life, I don’t know why but today, I’ve succeeded in my life
What would you have done if you took my place ? I’m not even sure that you would have succeeded my life
Frozen Snickers, I’ve succeeded my life, I bought back all my toys, I succeeded in my life
I don’t have anything to prove anymore, I succeeded in my life
Damn, I’ve succeeded in my life, I wake up at twelve, there’s some things that you better leave for tomorrow, like suicide
Yeah, yeah, I master chemistry, if there’s any such thing as white boy rap, I must be the scientist, the one who gets rich off it
Lost in my thoughts back when I had no plans, absent, before, back when life made no sense
Back when I wasn’t sure that I had any talent, back when I didn’t believe in my self
A lump in my stomach so big, I could do a kameha
I’ve got the secret recipe, I’ve got some new and old texts, truths, they’ve got “maybes”
My ex girlfriends regret me, I’ve succeeded in my life
I no longer do those kind of things were you feel dirty after, like after eating two shwaramas
It’s your Rolex watch but it’s my time, you blew up, that’s super, but now try lasting
I enter the club wearing Quechua, I’m loyal, that’s the reason why your whore goes home with you, isn’t it ?
I wanted to write for those little bastards but the only thing I could come up with was : “Ah ah, I succeeded in my life”
I succeeded in my life
Ox’, Orel on the beat at Phazz

2nd verse (Oxmo Puccino) :
Cohiba, Chivas, I succede in my life, new reel, I’ve succeded in my life
Eggplant, Parmesan, I’ve succeeded in my life, no more battery, I’ve succeed in my life
What do I do for a living, I write vaccinations, come up with formulas or show off simple things
Positiveness recto verso, I thank life whenever I serve myself a glass of water
I know what it feels like to feel happy after waking up so many times on the carpet
Under the rain, seated on a bench at Porte de Pantin without any plans, any job
I sing with nonchalance, homie, If you’re not a fan, I don’t give a fuck about your opinion
Having pleasure at every instant, since I’ve been a recovering from delinquency
Showing off, they have no reason to become (??), better than a season 2
I’m gonna make it out with Orel in a solid featuring, not like “one cigarette and in bed”
You can give out as many gifts as you want, you’re the prisoner
Everything can’t be bought, you’ll get dropped in the first ten rounds
There’s so many rich guys that failed their lives, at this moment, I succeeded in my life

OXMO PUCCINO – Ma life ft ORELSAN (English lyrics)

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