Palmashow – PLM “Rappeurs sensibles” (PNL Parody) (English lyrics)

Unique Verse (Ludig and Marsais) :
I’m being targeted, sensitive rapper, yeah, that’s possible
Shut the fuck up, you, shut the fuck up
Life is hard, I’m without an armor, there’s too many scumbags, I see trashy things, worse than a Kalash’
Like in The Lion King, Simba thinks, that he’s the one that, killed Mufasa
When in reality, it was Scar, what a bastard
The Fox and the Hound were friends for life
But actually, at the end, they are no longer friends for life
Oh lala
Cinderella, it saddens me, when she can’t go to the ball
That’s bullshit, her step mother is a cunt
Ariel, the little mermaid, tears of salt
And then there’s Mowgli, it’s tough
Come here, in my arms my friend
Thanks my brother, because I really need a big hug
My poor rabbit
Poor rabbit ? That’s Thumper in Bambi, and…
Cut !
And then there’s Dumbo…


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