Philly studiosessie 342 101 barz (English lyrics)

Aleks the plug, gap

There’s plenty of bitches now, but really, I’m tired of those bitches
No one kept it together back in the day when there was no beer
Hands got itchy, been tight for a while
Cause did we have a bite then? Was it a small bite?
But I go meijer, gap, I fly through the bend
My boy on a day-date, there’s no love wanted
When a prick calls you, he likes to puff on it
But that wagon wasn’t on lease when the dealer left
But hurry my rescue, I’m almost at destination
Those halls must be sold out, can’t just go to jail
Bitches doing classy, but she in the mood
After I beat her for sauce, she goes back in her dress
We came to order, but now I don’t answer
I got stuck in the stairs, I couldn’t get up the steps
They call me rapper now, but we don’t perform
So when I think, now rapping, brother what’s the payoff?
And that’s really nothing, we ain’t breaking up no tent
Maybe we build tents
We came through your door and that for letters but no envelope
Bert’s fishing, he’s got a bite, he’s not gonna pick up a rod.
And bitches, brother, I chew ’em, don’t matter if they suck my ankle
We got wiser and now we’re moving with the times
With Goofs too far from home, but nearby, I wasn’t homesick
Now it’s my manager, my circle turns with me
He works like a network now, that time I gave him 5G
So it’s crazy how it happened so fast
If I didn’t have a fam I’d probably go for something faster
But don’t do this just for Loubou’s or shi Range Rover
Stopped playing, but when do I take over the game?
Cause really I’m putting my heart into this rapping
They say, “P, stay focused now, you’re hard at this rapping”
I’ve been here almost a year, I need to start making moves now
But really it was already written so I can do scribbles
Cause been making short work and had short work with me for a long time
Had all sorts with me, when we blow it, trumpets
Cause if you bother me all the time you could whistle for money
And really for my part I’m gonna stop rapping now
It’s too late, so I’ll take this as an opportunity
No sunshine for days, but now my face is burnt
I had to grease it up in the neighborhood, those days I walked with sand
Then we worked with C without knowing where I’m stranded
Shit was fucked up
With no goals every day still on the block
Can’t rap about the homeless, can’t rap about drop-tops
Keep your circle small, brother, what’s the trouble?
Will many disappear anyway, there’s nobody to fix it
Fuck man
I’m gonna show you what we’re really good at

Philly – Track 2

Ha, ha, ha, ha, Avenue!

Verse 1]
I’ve been with BNN since I was little, I’m a rotten kid
Cause there was at your nose, bought it in, but still the block on
That little one that’s fucked up, cause this life is fucked up
But keep looking for backs, when this might cost him his head
But was the top, what if she bottled up anger?
He turns it down and takes a hit, he’s spinning on the puff
He knows the struggle, he’s not surprised by anything anymore
But the thing that makes you, maybe that’s what destroys you
It could be over in a minute But maybe there’s hope for me yet
That’s what I predict, so I keep my head
Money that’s my language, I go for gold when I ride to buyers
Up and down with a chance, just like I ride the lottery
Just a lot of bullshit, but make of it what you will
They’re dreaming of the same thing, so why are they sleeping?
You got the latest moped, and that makes you the man
But that same bike, it ended up in the water.
But for transportation, guys here on tour
If you offered, I’d go hunting, all of us at the helm
Worked on the road but didn’t really fix a thing
Renovation comes across me, not a move
But I come through your door for letters, not a month’s salary
Cause I build, that was the daily grind
Everybody keeps it a hundred and always don’t play pretend
Till I hear your second side, when your mask is off
But fuck this, really I’ve been in the Scheiße for a long time
And if this rapping is worth it, really it’s just a matter of time
But, gap, we don’t do blowjobs
If you want then you can throw hate
You who gave your comfort and I’m living, it can get weird
Cause really, you haven’t achieved a damn thing
I might not either, but it’s in reach now
She keeps calling, but where I am, there’s wellou reach
But what went before may have reached the stations
Got into a fight with myself, got through it too
Now when I get fishy I just put my focus back in C
This is only gonna work with a full belly
But what the fuck good is shine, homie, without booty?

I rap my life, yeah, filmed, but animated
I’m just myself, you on plagiarism
Now all of a sudden you wanna smoke after frustration
Now your eyes are low, dick, and you hate assie
I rap my life, yes, filmed, but animated
I’m just me, you on plagiarism
Now all of a sudden you wanna smoke after frustration
Now your eyes are low, dick, and you hate assie

Verse 2]
I live the pussy life, that’s why I raise my voice anyway
I had some paper in my bag and some more Jozo in the dash
Also a little in my jacket, but that dumped already on the road
I looked for that time with absentmindedness, but I always stayed with the class
But actually ruined school, cause that’s not for me
When is this shit over? When is there light for me?
Boys provide heat in the wintertime
But soon you’ll be on camera and it’ll be over in a flash
Get out of the neighborhood, we’re working, not an option for many
Wash boys here not in jeans, but tracksuit with raincoat
Up and down all day, when they call for something, I give it a shot.
Behind his soldiers, says to me, “Rap, leave the street”
I mean that rap, because then I give eight
But I was often out on my own, that for a little porridge
Was on the road all night again, but does it pay off
Is it delivered anyway, gap
We agree, I weigh it down, Scotoe rolls around the roads
No slowdown yet, from afar I’ve noticed the tensity
Got to raise my goals now brother, I just want to see some money
The focus is on the street, that’s the reason I’m earning
So that’s why I D sell, until they see me in a Benz
Apart from rap, either way we gonna make it, gap
Cause daddies get packages here, it’s not even Father’s Day
And keep it on the low, baby, I’m not laughing at those jokes
When she took the camera, I told her she couldn’t do it
For they were observed, they were two steps ahead
But also Bell, who books advance, must run for B-Classes
Hear a C-Class rapper rap about C-Classes
But that bledder’s on nothing, never lives his lyrics
“Am a beast at the rap I ain’t even trying, not even a little bit
But I know if I did, I’d be better the rest
Now we bump C, I boil it out and it becomes BGa in the sea, that without a vest
But take you from A to SW because if you say A here, you must also say B
Dear heart, got C for you, but she wants my D
Now she says, “Ey, take your time, Philly, wait a minute”
Not even soft G, but G-spot, hey, I’ll play with you
Now wise up by IQ, put dots on the I now
See me fly by that J, no KLM, but film my libru
And now she says, “Oh, P, now go get yourself some love.”
Euhm, oeh, that’s cute, what do you expect from thieves?
Ewa yes, I want a Golf R, or an RS, with B in the TI I want a T so Van Der Herres
For you, for them, we have Boris here for Dennis
In a VW Golf but knocking balls off like tennis
Ewa yes, it’ll be fine, it’ll be fixed with time
Used to deal small, ceded X at the Y
Or put a bet, it can’t be that I’m betting on Alpha
But definitely continue it, on purpose I end up with alphabet

Philly (Philly, Philly)


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