PiH – Nie Placz (English lyrics)

[Translation provided by Kamil Michalik]

[1st verse: PIH]
Don’t cry, kiddo. Let me tell you something.
You’re the apple of your parents’ eyes.
There will be times in your life when you will have to wipe away your tears.
But now we’re drinking to your health.
You will see how the world functions.
Your mother will tell you: ” Like father, like son.”
Strangers will tell you that you’re a nobody.
Accusations will stick to you like shit to a shoe.
You will meet idiots with wisdom teeth.
Spoiled people. Bad to the bone.
Alcohol will make you less cautious.
It will loosen up your tongue, blur the line between what’s real and what’s not.
The taste of love, that shatters you, makes you exhilarated.
A wave of hot blood will flood over your face.
You’ll find out that punches below the belt are being rewarded.
People from your city will be finally talking about you.
You’ll find out what your destiny is.
Being honest and loyal is vital.
People will hate you for not having money.
You’ll try to suppress it, other people’s problems,
human dignity in the last stage of moral decay, lies, time will be running fast.
When your beloved ones will pass away the ink from the pen will help you to weather.
That’s life. Sometimes you hate it and cry but it goes on regardless.
Don’t cry.

[2nd verse: Chada]
Some people love you while others hate you
and crush your dreams.
It’s hard to kick a habit.
You will have friends as well as enemies.
You will experience happiness as well as anger
when you’ll take a few knocks in life.
Carry your family in your heart and remember
love and truth are of the biggest value.
This is a bait with which I lure you.
I’m commiting my thoughts to paper.
Please don’t cry, it won’t change nothing.
You will see for yourself that life’s not a walk in a park.
Remember to stay in touch with your family.
Don’t believe a person if he/she has a forbidding look in his/her eyes.
It’s something you cannot buy, you must feel it.
You have roots? Don’t break like trees.
You need to manage in life.
Otherwise each day will be a nightmare, a burden.
Find faith within yourself.
Listen, your life is at stake here.
These words hurt but they will show you the truth.

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