PNL (Ademo) – Mowgli II (English lyrics)

I come from the jungle, call me Mowgli
I’ve got good quality hash, I don’t have any bad quality hash
I’m always solo like Rémi
Too Gang, this is the streets, uncle
There’s some dirt that I gotta spit alone
Weed on my pale skin tone
I live like a Saiyan in a world where the walls can talk
I’m from Namek, I’m always on my nerves
My eyes are green-brown-ish
I must not lose, I’m too proud, this is for my brothers
I’m smiling upside down
I’ve got guts, Fuck every human being
Dying is part of life
Yeah mama, I’m under therapy
I’m seeing the dope spot empty
Give me a moment, I gotta settle down solo, crocodile on my polo
I’m calmly doing my thing nda, I’m still down stairs
I come from the building’s hallway, I don’t give a fuck about French mainstream music
And nowadays I find myself dreaming of the life that I used to live before, the jungle is calling me
Yeah my beauty, you’re my bitch even if you’re ugly, yeah, you’re my streets
I light me up my blunt, I serve a ghost down in the dope spot, in the dope spot I abuse of things
You know nothing, nothing about our lives and about the anger that fed us like fiends
Under the moon, my smile is in tears, my pecs are inclined
I pray to Allah, no I never forget about him, Fatiha on my lips
My soul is hard, I wouldn’t say that my soul is pure, my lion, my ride or die homie
I swear on my life that I’ve sweat a lot, there’s bullets in my heart
Fuck my fears, fuck those green euro bills, I make them and I lose them
There’s no actors around here, in my family we die, we die for our brothers
This is our home, the streets takes us, creates us , forms us
And then in the end, it’s either we end up opening doors or going to jail
On earth, I burned my wings, put coke in your nose
I’m determined, I could kill all of them, for those that I love
I’m from the gang, a brave look in the eyes in a hostile world
Fuck your style, whether it’s tails or heads, I bet you that I’m gonna wreck them
That I’m gonna twist them, that I’m gonna twist them again, I changed our faiths
I didn’t ask if living like a dead person was gonna be hardcore
I’m full of anger and pain, just like Baba, we love each other
We’ll always remember about our lives, about the things that we know and about the things that we don’t talk about
I’m like a lion, tired of living like a dog, tired of being worthless
I’m like Zion so there’s no excuses, we know where we come from
And your bitch can suck, can suck, can get lost
I’m pissed off under the hoodie, hardcore, I’m breathing, dreaming
Tomorrow will be better, we’ll go live somewhere else, annoying
I’ve been rapping since just now, I know that I’m gonna make money from it
Make money from it (X8)

Outro (Ademo) (X2) :
I looked these sons of bitches in the eyes, in front of the sawed off shotgun, in front of the sawed off shotgun they started to stutter (stutter, stutter, stutter)
I’ll pistol whip you and I’m being nice for not throwing you with the forgotten ones (with the forgotten ones, forgotten ones)
Between you and me which one of us loves each other the most ? Which one of us suffers the most, the most, the most ? My heart is wrecked (the most x7)
I was raised by the bandit’s code of honor in Corbeil Essones, hmm, you can go verify (you can go verify, verify, verify)

ADEMO – Mowgli II – English lyrics

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