PNL- Bientot (English lyrics)

Unique verse (N.O.S) :
I’m there, I’m not there, I’m all about the family
Be careful, shots are being fired, gala gala, gala gala
Sometimes I’m in a “LV” mood, sometimes I’m in a “fuck mes rêves” mood
Le Monde chico homie, we’re so PNL, we’re so PNL
I’m stabbing me open a kilo, there’s a fucking hole in the profits
Not very tired, I’m focused and my head is in the spaceship, and my head is in the spaceship
I live, I slang, I live in slow motion
Slow motion on your valentine’s ass, your valentine’s ass
The Ford Focus passes me by in a German car
A few euro bills, a few heart beats
Saturday night, I’m weeded out
PNL digs that of course, digs that of course
There’s no one in the rear view mirror apart from the sirens
It goes Z double O, Le monde chico, homie, chico, homie
I grew up in the zoo, I flew away
I took off, thousands of grams sold out
A head full of dreams under my ski mask, full of dreams under my ski mask
We don’t forget, we get over it
You screw us over, we screw you back over
QLF I’m syndromised, I would like to get lost near the top, get lost near the top
If there’s money, then there’s time
There’s no more time, then there’s no more money
There’s no more time, soon, everyone will know us, everyone will know us
It was a long day, it was a long year
But we’ll make a killing this year, but we’ll make a killing this year


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