PNL – Cigar de Cuba (English lyrics)

1rst verse (Ademo) :
Why do these sons of hmm open their mouths so much ?
Wallah, wallah
They really have no idea what I could do to them
Wallah, wallah, allô (allô)
How’s things ? we’re blowing up ! (we’re blowing up)
Yeah, yeah, so
Bitch how’s things ? can we fuck ? (can we fuck)
Yeah, yeah
I’ve been sour since I was little
Yeah, yeah, yeah
And so I serve the whole of Essonne
If I don’t get my teatime snack I’m angry (I’m angry)
If you’re right next to me, you’re in trouble
So what ? Can’t you understand that we’re hungry ?
Wallah, wallah
There will be blood on our smiles at the end
Hmm hmm
Pa-pa-pa-pa-pa, I gotta hmm these sons of bitches
Wallah too much worries, too much nostalgia on the hard drive
Yeah, I’m hesitating, I don’t know hmm
Should I shove them up a piece of wood or my hmm…
Shit !
You would swear the angels told me : “Move out the way, go screw things up”
Today we’re peacefully talking, if it doesn’t add up to a million shots will get fired

Outro (x2) :
I put my hat on like in Cuba
I want a cigar like in Cuba
The streets told me softly
Fuck them up coca in the coupe ah
Arriba arriba arriba
We’re not playing around, playing around, playing around
That’s the sirens that you’re hearing hearing hearing


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