PNL – Dans la soucoupe (English Lyrics)

Ademo Verse :

My bitch, you can wait for it , my cock is downstair in the hallway
It’s the zoo we can’t stop, around here freedom is named maitre Brossier
Eh mom you didn’t tell me any story
Dancing in the darkness for victory
Yeah you like me, yeah please
You wanna read my heart, but it’s scribbled with wounds
Tons of wounds that make your MDMA come down
Stupid I’m holding the tower like Dendé
Ain’t passing I’m trying to score from the corner
Dont test me I fuck your dad your mom and your grand ma
Hmm, ounga, mowgli, hmmm enemies I will not forgive
My god I love you I can’t brake
I’m sinning while angels already have it all wraped
Everyone do it’s part
Looking for the sun, I’m on it’s trails
I’m dreaming ’bout big checks, ’bout this bitch
I stare into the sky, crows passing by
Face looking weird, I’m off the jungle
Halla since I’m a youth , everything in cash, no account number
Ok manny , I roll up, I pick you up
The world chico , and everything inside
(yeah but not now)

N.O.S. Verse :

Igo this dirt is appealing me
Darkness is appealing me
Downstairs I don’t count the struggle
I’m in a lunar mood, I talk with my joint
By the way I got plugs in the city
We set the fam and sell kilos
Don’t ask me how much money I got
Misery is killing me, one liter, still ain’t got enough benefits
Yeah yeah manny, yeah mowgli, yeah simba
Fam, gucci, fam , gucci, that’s okay with me
Yeah my dawgs , yeah my dawgs , yeah I’m fallin’
Yeah I’m lost, Yeah I’m sinking
Skunk on my lips, the more we sell the more we climb
My product is at the party
I re-up, I disappoint my angels
Disappoint , I disappoint
Yeah homies, when do we stop ?
I open a shop on planet Namek
We’ll get dirty, maybe won’t clean ourselves
Yeah my friend, I ride and I gravitate
Hmmmmmmhmm nabil
We gon’ have fun, but not now
A couple dollars, a couple heartbeat

Hook :
In the spaceship
Big brother in the spaceship, young brother in the spaceship (x2)
Sixty liter in the spaceship


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