PNL – Différents (English lyrics)

1st verse (Ademo) :
Hey faggot, I’m coming to crush you, I’ll leave no left overs, I’ll fuck her, won’t dream, rendezvous on planet Saturn
Pride, honesty, friendship, avoid having mercy, I sell death during the commercial breaks
If she’s hot, then she has to pay in nature
This shit is pure, the blunt wrap is flawless
She’s under aged but her mouth is mature
The hash is bubbling, the thumbs are sweaty, they’re cornering me
Wesh you scaly alien, you’re high as fuck, you’re wrecked
Tell me, when is it that you’ll get yourself a Porsche Cayenne
Yeah, that hyena is acting wild, acting like a slut, hiding it
And later on will settle down like Ayem Nour
Two high heels stepping out of the coupe
Two skinny arms handling a Cobra
Homie, we stick our tongues out at you like Manny
Love Sosa, yeah my cunt
Here, taste me Adama’s dick
Homie, I slang my hash from here, all the way to Alabama
My punch in your throat, your wife’s throat
Come see the suffering, you’ll tell yourself wallah not bad
Homie, I’m wild and I’m sreaming ounga wawa
Ounga ounga, my glock aiming the snitch
Ounga ounga, nigga wawawawa
Ounga ounga, as long as we don’t cause any ruckus
I know that I’m not integrated
I look out for my own interest
My hands are in deep shit, but they were made to bury them
I know the amount that you’re willing to pay to get yourself operated
From all this evil that seems so strong and only seems to get worst
Come and pay me a visit and I’ll let you know the price of this go-o-ood shi-i-iit
If you learned to cou-ou-ount, we’ll be friends, it’s a pleasure to mee-e-eet you
Me, I’m Ade, Me, I’m Adkhey
Get the bottle out, go ahead and blow your paycheck
I don’t want your Facebook, rrht ptou
Check, I’ve got my hand on your ass
It’s clear, it’s quick, yeah it’s violent, this comes from the 9-1
We arrive, there’s some dope shit, at the steering wheel there’s bitches
She broke your heart, you should’ve broken her pussy
You should’ve told her sister’s kids, “come here give Papa a kiss”
Pah, pah, pah,pah, my anger is screwing you over, I’m in a Polo, you can see the anger from the triceps
Blablablabla, you’re starting to stray away, you’re getting lost, headed towards the building’s hallway, the low lifes will serve you
Our hope for a better future is in the trunk, our luck is in the cave
forgive me but our fate is grim
Tell me if I’m wrong or if I’m spitting that real shit
Dark is the force, the Jedi is high as fuck
9-4 is Fc barcelona, 9-1 is Brazil
Yeah asshole, go and tell Kerry James that I said it
Apart from that, are you ok ? Are you in a hurry ?
Nah, because things aren’t going too well
Because I’m lonely in my head
It’s my anger that raised me aaaaah
I slanged dope in the projects
And my underwear aren’t Louis Vuittons aaaaah
I need cash, I won’t shed a single tear
Not a single one, not a single one, not a single one
Be careful around women, be careful around bitches
Be careful where you leave your finger prints, finger prints, finger prints
Check, we’re swift so don’t act a fool
We don’t empty our bladder but sell grams in the toilets
Yeah, we want the good life, embarked on the ferry
If you got your hands on any kilos, holla at me homie
You’re taking off, me I’m landing, soon from now I’ll only be around rich people
Powder up in his nostril, Cesar is having a seizure
I fucked her on a Wednesday, don’t take her to the town hall
You call her sweet heart, I used to smack that ass
Come, I’ll give you a rendezvous, I’m from Paris so I’m in a rush
Homie, I see so many bitches, I put a collar on my PC
I put a collar on my PC, I caught the rap game off guard
Rap is dead, I dig out its corpse just be burry it back

Chorus (Ademo) :
My drugs in my Gabbana bag
At the prison’s new comer unit with my Gabbana bag
I get my…out of my Gabbana bag
Your money in the pocket of my Gabbana bag

2nd verse (N.O.S. Ladif) :
I make love to the misery in the alley
She puts her clothes back on, I turn around
Bismillah on the way there, bismillah on the way back
Squeeze your anus going through the customs, we’ll unwrap it and slang it tomorrow
My stare is blank, my soul is perched up on the roof top
I can see the fate in the eyes of the younger ones, mashallah they’re full of dreams
A dirty desire to unload everything, we live, we stray away, we die
Yeah, no social life, just a low life’s life
The rap game in a room somewhere, go put your pussy in the dirty laundry
Sometimes I kill time, sometimes it’s time that kills me
I feel like a mutant, I’m so different than everyone else in line
Yeah, I’m only good at counting stacks, a blunt at the tip of my lips
Fuck my goodness, and also fuck my dreams while we’re at it
All I do is hustle, they’re all the same, they’re all a bunch of clones
Six in the morning dethroned, trying to draw back what got erased
How many bags of potatoes don’t even know on which knee to dance on anymore
On which knee to dance on
Ademo, Ladif
Peace and money, I love that
Anything for the fam’
Anything for the money
Feelings slow you down
My heart is closed, now I’m more effective
You’re on your high horses, we
light your ass up, so you’ll reach, reach the ceiling
We pull on the leash, you start to bark
We untie you, you lose your voice
We’re the good guys, we’re armed and aware about the fact that we’re losing our fate
When will you slang your last kilo ? Not tomorrow, not now
I make you dance with all this cash : at every euro bill a new beat
I tackle down a potential junkie, turn him into a returning customer
A bunch of wolves staring at the moon, me is best friend of her
Back where I’m from we share the misery between us
The hostess’s ass in the car
Get the hell away from here if you want, the leach is long
My angel, you know the address
People’s character changes in the blink of an eye
Me, I change once I get my view back
We’re not dependent of nobody’s pocket
Right now, I’m high as I got my blunt back
Those girls have the photos, not the souvenirs anymore
We’ve got the souvenirs not the photos
Yeah, we don’t even have our homies anymore
Each man for himself, to each his own profits, his own automatic gun
A nice coupe motherfucker
I’ll take the misery out for a ride
A bullet for each one of my brother’s enemies
It goes click , gala, gala
A big ass check, fam’, one less wrinkle on my father’s forehead
A big ass check, fam’, one more smile on my brother’s face
The back is large, the heart is thin
Your relationship is fragile
If you don’t sell out all your drugs, Madam will start acting cold
Tonight I won’t be going home
The doors are closing
And they won’t re-open again until next season
The misery is in a SLR
Go in, turn around, come back out famous
Life is giving me her ass, I don’t know the taste of her lips


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