PNL – Jusqu’au dernier gramme (English lyrics)

1rst verse (Ademo) :
I’m 91 thousand leagues under shit
I’ve got a thousand euros under my shoe sole
I end up with the same problems at the end of the week (at the end of the week)
I’ve got a pair of balls in case of any problem
The world, I see it side-ways, I’m fucking it up (I’m fucking it up)
Up, up (until) this fucking pleasure shows its face
I don’t front, I don’t have time, neither to give nor to lose
Baba told me that we needed some 12, that we needed to saw off the shotgun for the war
And the war, and the war we’ve done it, we’ll do it again, so why waste time
No peace, no peace, no peace in the contract, anger to co pilot you
It’s all about not fucking around anymore, in a stare, apparently you can see a soul (oh yeah ?)
Back where I’m from they say that if you throw a man deep down in a hole, he’ll come back out with a weapon
Forgive me, move out the way, over there, quickly, for two seconds
Or else it’s my dick in your asses that will sniff you, that you will use as a feeding tube
I like seeing the sky, I like this silence, so shut the fuck up
I’m not losing my mind, nah, my courage doesn’t give a shit about my fear
The paper is so beautiful, the more I write the more I make a mess
Flowers of decibels, my rage is contaminating them
A million per month, and there I’ll have good timing (eh eh eh)
Under the influence of alcohol, weed, I did every thing consciously
The weight of my mistakes, constantly chopped up
One look, one lie, one smile
And the heart that doesn’t want to be fed anymore
Minutes, years on my watch
Naive or betrayal, in one word

2nd verse (N.O.S) :
Homie, life is ugly, so we put make-up on it with lies
Homie, her soul is ugly, the only thing that is left to do is to put make-up on it with lies
I don’t know what goes on inside my head, sometimes
I would like to save the earth
Sometimes, I would like to see it burn
Things aren’t going too well, I’m rolling me up a blunt, too much anger for nine square meters
Sadness, you have to ignore
I don’t like your dreams, nightmares piled up
The heart that is burning, feelings frozen
We don’t know each other, I don’t like your past
The fam’ is doing good, don’t worry
Sometimes afraid of tomorrow, afraid of taking your life away
Because we’ve grown, and my anger too (anger)
Honey, your heart is beating, a little bit of tenderness, I won’t say
No, because my heart beats after four or five bars of hash
I don’t know if pleasure is going to harden me, hard in deep shit
I don’t know if her heart will be enough for me, I’ll add the sea
I’m looking at the sky, I’m waiting on the storm
I’m waiting on the night, I’m waiting on my cash
I empty myself out in superficial’s ass
I reload my weapon, my heart is bleeding
Feelings are ephemeral, motherfucker
My heart is having an erection in front of these green euro bills
I used to meet the same cockroaches in the same building
I’ve got the same dishes for the same pastas
There’s a little less stress at 6 a.m
And I don’t ever want to see “Carlito’s way” again
I got her naked, she stole my heart
Confidence, confidence, more damage than fear
Keep it all in, more tears than cries
Keep it all in, more tears than cries
I don’t have time to seduce you, I have to go back to hustle
I don’t have time to lie to you, QLF addicted
This light will go away, and my dreams will suffer from it
This light will go away, I’m attracted to darkness
The way you count, says a lot about what you’ve stacked
The way you dick ride says a lot about what you’ve sucked
Don’t reach out, they’ll twist your soul
And the hash bubbled, until the last gram

Outro (Ademo) :
Something’s wrong with me, wrong with me, seriously
Bitch ass planet, I’m doing dirt
I see the looks on their faces, begging me for help
And the more I go up, the more I’m hurt
Something’s wrong with me, wrong with me, seriously
Bitch ass planet, I’m doing dirt
I see the looks on their faces, begging me for help
And the more I go up, the more I’m hurt


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Tanmay Misra

ok I had no idea there were swear words in this song