PNL – La vie est belle (English lyrics)

1rst verse (N.O.S) :
I’m blowing out the bad
I made it thanks to the dirty money
“I’m afraid of losing you” my mirror said to me
I keep all my nightmares at the bottom of the drawer
I’m reminiscing about all my friends, my enemies that passed away
Like the taste of my dick , I’m getting rare
Yeah, we’re not like them, yeah, we piss on the throne
We leave with the money
I’ve lived a short life, but I’ve got a long reach
The fiends think that I’m a millionnaire
Not yet, take a toke on your joint

Chorus :
Oh, life is good
Oh, life is good
You’ll see, life is good
Life is good

2nd verse (Ademo) :
These times are hard
As hard to carry as the weight of my eyelids
I’m opening the doors to the Audi and the doors to hell
Some water quick, ocean of tears : we’ll dehydrate
I’ll accept whatever god, the almighty, will decide that my fate shall be
We’re surrounded by men, we’re separated by the veil
Ade is in the dope spot, bro, bro, bro
The angels are above us, the evil is beneath us
But Ade is in the spot, bro, bro, bro
All of this is nothing but the result of the will that we give-give ourselves
If I close my eyes, which one of my brothers will give-give it to me ?
To lie to oneself, or to be a hypocrite towards god ?
Not very serene, a notified drug dealer will serve two fiends
The sun rises, the time and the worries draw our faces
The moon takes over, sends one last kiss while taking the corner
I catch the horizon, in a hurry, take off in seconds
Unfinished road tomorrow, and some time for us to make mistakes

Chorus :
Oh, life is good
Oh, life is good
You’ll see, life is good
Life is good


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