PNL – Lala (English lyrics)

Intro (NOS) :
Homie, I’m in my building
The money come and goes

1rst verse (NOS) :
I’ve got a loyal fiend, I don’t care about this girl’s loyalty
All the money is spent at the bakery and fulling up the fridge
Unlike a brother, a friend can be replaced, amigo
You won’t win against us, there won’t be no ex-aequo
Don’t worry, our business is under control QLF
They don’t know about money, I burn my fingers counting the profits
My enemies are in the viewfinder, taste of my blood on my lips
I like making the bully stutter, I like it when the good wins
I make money for my fam’, not for your bitche’s pussy
This glass of alcohol reminds me that I get angry when I drink
Son of a bandit, I saw, I grew up, ended up liking the streets
I’ll see you tomorrow, same hour, same misery, same price
In the mean time, I’m on the dope spot, thinking about my brother that is locked up in jail
If I stop hustling the money will melt and I’ll have to start over again from zero
And the trunk will be loaded again, the sirens reminding me of it
This is for all those that are dying isolated, all those that we forget
This is for my zoo, I was born in Corbeil-Essonnes, Mowgli
We only smile at the good people’s mother and to the kids
I only have eyes for my family, QLF, I can die for them

Chorus x2
All my life
Only the fam’
All my life
Only the fam’

2nd verse (Ademo) :
Ok move along now, get lost
If she’s your wife then I won’t ruin your couple
Homie be careful, you already lost
I don’t even have to check your pulse
I need some sun, I’m frail like Sanka
I tell her ass “I don’t need any Redbull”
Naha is calling me, hold on girlfriend
Should I send you some hash or some money orders
Things sucks outside, those pussies cast the evil eye on me
I’m not blowing up because I don’t have a sweet voice
And the girlies, don’t even talk about them
I can’t find the right one, all I’m seeing is a ton a bitches
I still have the same demeanor, you already know, I’m suspicious
Little bucket hat on the head, it’s hard to smile
I’m not in the mood to party, my heart is black
Wallah, I don’t even feel like joking anymore
But I’m confident, you already know
I’m the most determined bastard ever
Meanwhile, I’m at the hotel
I need some sex, you know me
My hands are dirty, it’s fucked up
When I do my ablutions I scare away the water pipe
I have a lot of enemies, I dress in D&G
I don’t give a fuck about them, they won’t make me wear any vests
I’m in Cuba mode or Mexico
Holà chica, adios mi amigo
I need to heal my heart, I need to fix my tooth
I’ll fuck them up, bang bang like Rico
They’re jealous of me I don’t care, I’m paranoid
Bebeto, Romario, Zamorano
I give them an inside hook turn, and then I shoot
They ask me “why?”, I answer “I won’t go to jail again”
If only you could see this babe, she’s a V6
I feel like playing with her, I feel like waiting on her
Fuck the prison visits and the 3rd set
Stay hungry, keep your arms pumped, the appetite

Bridge :
Lala, I won’t forget you
Papa, I’m downstairs
Baba, I’m going click bah

Chorus x2
All my life
Only the fam’
All my life
Only the fam’


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