PNL – Loin des hommes (English lyrics)

1rst verse (N.O.S.) :
We’re hustling, we’re going for a stroll
What’s good angels, haven’t seen you in a while
I don’t have any friends, Yanis, Adé
The money, the fam’, an armored heart
There’s no more place it it, like on the dope spot
What did you expect, that we were going to keep our mouths shut ?
As if we had the same mother ?
And even under letters rogatory, we keep serving them
These scuffy euro bills apease me
I wear Louis, Gucci, as a way to hide the misery
a dangerous situation, a prayer to Casper, a familiar look
One million and we’ll free ourselves
You used to sell the best dope, today you’re asking for a credit to buy some commercial shit
QLF we want the throne in the jungle, far from mankind
You had a taste of life, have a taste of shit again
She doesn’t like me, she likes the villa, that’ll do
Lean over on my present, bitch, in your ass, I can see the future
Time is passing, I’m impatient, I calm myself with a couple smiles

2nd verse (Ademo) :
I want money motherfucker
Since little we’ve never been big thinkers
My dick, my balls, I repeat myself
I know what I want, I’ll leave time some time
There’s so so much hatred, at the press
From the start, things are shitty, pay in cash
We’re camping in your camp
There’s no solution, I’m keeping the ball, the ball yeah (brrr)
It’s cold down stairs, I slang during winter
I’m shivering
I don’t give a shit, a heart of stone, homie I’m taking a stroll
Hombre, hombre, I’m in a dark street
I started off alone, homie they were’nt there
I slanged every night, my fingers counting, counting
With a pissed off look on my face, determined
Solo since the glass beads days
So don’t you come and tell me that I’m frowning for no reason
I won’t forget that it’s : one day you have everything, tomorrow you have nothing left
I know it very well, ah ah ah
I need to ask god for forgiveness, cause I’ve done some di-i-rt
Fire in a all these little shits sons of bitches
If I end up in a jail cell, it’s because I refused the one room flat
I’ll be back, I’ll be back, I’m going back to war for the fam’, I don’t have any working hours


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