PNL – Obligé de prendre (English lyrics)

I mean shit… I mean, basically dawg, This is… This is Compton man you feel me ? This is one of the worst cities to be in in California dawgg. This is a city where goes down at… Real talking, it ain’t just movie shit, real shit

1st verse (N.O.S) :
I close my eyes, I see the struggle, I open my eyes, I see the struggle
I don’t know any drug dealers that sells death at a loss
You’re not the person you would like to be, too bad, life isn’t perfect
Just like your enemy that lives your dream on the day of your party
The downfall is quick, the rise is so slow
A few debts toward my star and I start seeing nothing but shooting stars
Firts day of the year, first fiend, get your euro bills out, I’m making a wish
We see our dreams suffocate, sink, send out a backup buoy to them
The demons fall back asleep, I put the weapons down, the angels wake up
I’m waiting on my time to shine, waiting on the back up, lost, from the first kilo to the last bottle
We don’t hustle out of passion, homie, the goal is lucrative
My advice to you would be to leave the dope spot if you’re the fearful type
Kind of like my dick, I’m bored, at rush hour the town starts getting into debts
It’s not lacking any bitches, it’s lacking amounts, some liquid cash, no cheques in order to take some pleasure
Some dirty money under a gun, some holy water on dirty hands
The loyalty of a brother, our survival in your blut wrap
I live, I die with my brothers, you won’t last long if you’re only counting on your friends
Homie, when you’re in deep shit, only the flies remember the good old days
It’s a pleasure to meet you fam’, how are things back where you’re from ?
Around here, just like the dollars, everything is gray, I look at the moon sticking up it’s middle finger at me

2nd verse (Ademo) :
No long speeches, we know that the streets are mute, head in a cloud of smoke
No light, just a cigarette that is light up, 8 balls between my balls, at least 70 euros for sure
I would like to see what it’s like to be up stairs, on the ground floor, posted up in the building’s hallway
Time goes by like a liquid, I serve the crowd, I serve the undercover cops
I dream of lasting, not of getting arrested, not of getting busted
I wake up early for the money, weed in a ziplock, underwears scented
Nice boy or bad boy, frozen winter, cold feet
Getting out of the struggle, occupied field
Selling drugs, selling drugs, our choices are assumed, behind the Iman, knees bent
Pray to the sky in order to escape the tunnel, we’ll do every thing in order to achieve that, we’ll be fortunate
Fuck eating pastas, and fuck eating puree, tell them that we steal, that we don’t get rob
We are the street, we are the alleys, we don’t forget, ok habiba
All the time, the hours that we spent sweating, the money that poured in
The days in jail that we killed, our footsteps carved in the streets of Paris
Don’t laugh, we cry in front of the moon, you know why we’re moody
The money, the void, and then comes the headaches, we don’t commit suicide we rather armed robberies
Swollen arms from doing all these push ups, in the jail cell it’s hell, no fire fighter
Fulfill our lives before dying, getting back up, falling down again, getting back up again
Reaching our apogee in fate, don’t talk about my God, I’ll fuck you up
If you’re gay, don’t approach me, blows from life, that, we’re familiar with
Blink-blink your eyes and the image has skipped, one day at Fleury, one day at La Santé
Without keeping our mouths shut, speaking up, no lies, way more sentitive than your clit
Paris, the place that we live, we stick you up a finger, not a dick
You know what we’re selling, around here, it’s save your loved oned, not each man for himself


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