PNL – Que la mif (English lyrics)

1st verse (Ademo) :
I get a message from a big whore
Right when I was starting to worry
I’m walking around in circles in the casa
A little tipsy, I’m writting you a letter cousin
I’m waving my arms around, a little crazy, you know
I know that the futur is dark, just like your buthole, you virgin
weed, hash, paki, afghan, coco, kush,
We slanged weed to the maire, all over the city, drunk off Jack
Salam, salam, you’re all invited, hard dick for your bitch
On the macadamia, we’re sailing, you talk shit about us, we’ll bring the drama right where you live

2nd verse (S-pion) :
Free So
Free Viper
Free LIno and Zepek
I have way too many homies, I can’t name them all
Whithout you guys it sucks, But we’ll still make a killing
Without you guys it sucks, but we’ll still make a killing
Tommorow I’ll be out robing, after tommorow I’ll be out robing
Struggling to sell drugs qué pasa, Stick ups in order to put food on the table
Nothing but crooks in my city, ask god for forgiveness
Sincer smiles on my son’s face
You don’t like me so you talk shit about me, you keep embarassing yourself
My manners, my crooks all put to the chalenge

3rd verse (Jet) :
F for the flow, 4 for the muffler
3 like Ralph Lau’, 0 snitches in the ghetto
Left from the bottom, passed through the dope house
The sight of money makes my dick hard
Surrounded by my trusted ones, nothing but tranfiquientés
You feel like smoking ? Nothing but good weed
Jet numéro uno et Sanders en deux et demi (??)
We don’t want any Trojan horses around here, only the ones that are on the Ferraris
On fait pas crari sur le parvis (??), We even slang in Paris
PNL, IGD, nothing but family, I swear on my life, certified by the misery
Big tokes of the kush, it gets me hyped
J’repars en mimi (??), I’m getting sick of this, I have to start praying
This weed is the shit, so I roll one up while thinking
On ways to blow the money, If one day I ever make it to a milli

4th verse (Pti Moha) :
You reconized your boy Moha from the 2MZ, I’ll take you for a ride homie
Homie, Louboutin Philipp Plein, there’s a lot of us on board
If I was Tony I would fuck Dina Dina, homie, I would leave Valentina-tina to you
Whenever we’re around all you do is talk about china-china
I want it all Chico, Yeah Yeah, I’m after those euro bills
At the height of my 17 years old, homie, I’ll destroy them all
I get headaches way too often
If you want your fix you’ll have to come trough the projects
But be on the look out, around here everything isn’t all fun and games
And these days things get hard way too often

5th verse (Ilinas) :
You’re a big piece of shit, stop trying to act like a gangster
I fucked you over, your whole crew went silent
Lil kids trying to act gown, then end up calling their big brothers
If you’re in deep shit, get your gloves on bro
Pay us in cash not in pennys
At corbeil with spit flames bro , don’t even worry about it
I get it popping wheter it’s at the studio or in concert
If you wish for my downfall, then I wish you a cancer
I’m not a smoker I’m a store owner, But still everything I do is fire
You lil piece of shit, you’ll end up right under my shoe soles
Even if you leave your beard grow out
You fucked up your plan A for money, you don’t want to get yourself smoked
Your nights are haunted by the latest  Class A
So forget about it, or move over to Plan B

6th verse (Sanders) :
Too often we spend our days sleeping, in life you have to wake up early stop dozing off
You don’t have to remind me anything about good manners, I haven’t forgotten them
It’s all or nothing Chico, that’s life, do your thing, homie
But keep your family in mind, the squad bro, we’re go getters for ilfe, posted up with my squad
Postiché dans le binks (??), tinted windows, white smoke
Bumpin some hot shit, It’s only normal that I think
That I think on making money, respect yourself, don’t forget
That even when you fall you have to keep moving
The zoo is in my heart, I’ll never forget it (never)
Z Double O, that’s my squad

7th verse (N.O.S.) :
Only the family in the building, All about family NDA
I’m chillin near Alicnate, l’ile de la tentaion, right back in the trap house
I only know how to make hash, come up trough Malaga, Sheitana Que guapa
Hate me, do something to me (hate me, hate me)
I leave the house for the money, I go back home after a trip
Ilinas, I’m slangin, IGD Gang, F4.30, nothing but family


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