PNL Sibérie English lyrics

pnl comme pas deux english lyrics

1st verse (Ademo) :
Smoothing my skin is pointless : my skin is like Siberia
If my heart had a face, you would call it “Seal” or “Ribéry”
I’m lurking around in this world and I’m seeing your lip gloss on dicks
Take mines, spare me from having to listen to all the bullshit that you blabber
If my heart is turning black, it’s because of the wrongs of your wrongs that lives-on in the light of my ego
You must think that I’m a bad person because of my mood swings, you don’t understand nothing behind the curtains
If all of this can be summed up as me talking about my anger, pray for me to one day change the theme
And the day you see me talking about love, maybe I’ll say to myself that it was worth while
Little by little I saw up to 400 different facets of humankind, as dark as they get
The city is big, I just want to do the turn of it, free like Onizuka
The rose is gray, the flag is red, I’m raising my thumb, time is laughing at me
What ? I hang out too often ? Wait for me, the past is handing me a camisole
I’ve got sins that I’ll have to pay for, my haram side is till untamed
I’m different, I rap with the ginga, in 20 years from now you’re gonna listen to my music, and you’re gonna be like “that’s Pelé”

Chorus (Ademo & N.O.S) :
The earth is turning, I’m going in circle
I’m seeing everything upside down, upside down (X3)

2nd verse (N.O.S) :
I have a hard time understanding their world that we keep away from, I just came to fuck shit up (bang, bang, bang, bang)
They wouldn’t understand our ambition to fuck shit up without explanations (fucking shit up)
And the further I get from poverty, the more it feels like the truth isn’t far
And even if you like me, I get mad at you sometimes for not being around back when I was nothing (get the fuck away from here)
I want to live like a lion without even knowing about the rules, knowing about my heart (bang, bang, bang, bang)
There’s those who rather failure, with you, surrounded with bitches
I’m the same person just a little less worse, the same in worse, it depends on the pain
They destroyed our towers, they won’t destroy the empire that we built in our hearts
Dreams that are too selfish for me to live them
I’m too different to know who I am
I don’t feel at home anywhere, so I spend my time running away
Dragging around those that I love behind me while selling a future to them
I no longer make a difference between the groupies and the women
Between those fucking men and the fans

Chorus (Ademo & N.O.S) :
The earth is turning, I’m going in circle
I’m seeing everything upside down, upside down (X3)

PNL – Sibérie, English lyrics


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