Polskie Karate ft. Dwa Sławy – W 3 dupy (English lyrics)

*There’s a lot of word-play so I created two versions of this translaton. Second one (with annotations) is available here: https://lyricstranslate.com/en/w-3-dupy-drunk-fuck.html

[1st verse: Wyga]
Tonight we’re goin’ to a party. We’ll be singing and drinking.
No-one chose this path. We were struck down by this illness long time ago.
People are starting to gather. They have bags, joints, bongos, hydro, vodka, beer and champagne.
We’ll get fucking wasted tonight #flat line.
Forget about calling your fiancée. Tell her you’ll get proper fucked up.
Turn your phone off, homie or I’ll smash it against your head.
We’re not going to talk about women. Tell your missus that we’ll be back on Tuesday.
Pour it. Lively, yeah? Being sober in the morning is not an option.
I don’t give a fuck about weather. It will be dark when we get up.
What did you expect from us? Polite conversation over a glass of wine?
We’re going to use vodka as a chaser and then we gonna light up a blunt.
Music is blaring out.
These last two days have been like a stretch (as in, prison time) in Soviet labour camp.
Dirty clothes, filthy jokes.
Who turned on the gas again? What a fuckin’ dumbwit!
Now the rooms stink.
I’ve ran into the kitchen but it was too late!

Handsome, young and sleep-deprived.
Phat-ass party. From (the city of) Łódź to Warsaw.
Ask homies “Why they don’t party like they used to?”
Two-day drinking sessions and gigantic hangovers.
Drunk as fuck.
Be stupid. I’m having some vodka and hooch.
Cause I got the chedda, imagination and technique.
Polskie karate (Polish Karate) – time to experience fatal punch to the neck (getting completely shitfaced) It’s also a reference to old karate movies, like the ones with Bruce Lee.

[2nd verse: Igorilla]
Oh my gosh. Shitfaced host.
Some couple is occupying carpet, what a party!
We’ve lighted up a blunt – dope ass Afghan Haze.
Jadźka is calling, screaming blue murder.
Whole bunch of drunk people enters the place.
Coked up goof turned the gas up full.
An hour later police shows up, thanks to our overzealous neighbour.
Ding-dong! Fuck, hide the beers.
Someone jumps from a window,
some else is puking under the carpet, Ave Maria.
* ” Kac Wawa” (Polish equivalnet of the movie ‘The Hangover’) screenwriters, party enthusiasts.
If they were here today, Raczek (film critic) would go berserk.
I’m smoking some hydro. Teleportation to a club.
Champagne on the table. Lights, camera and action!
La Dolce Vita, wassup, wassup.
You and your girlfriend but leave the midget.
Drunk like a motherfucker.
The mechanism worked. Drink in a jacuzzi (reference to the movie Hot Tub Time Machine)
My boo is calling. There’s no need for it.
It’s time for the grand finale.
Guys, where’s whisky? Gigantic hangover starts to kick in.


[Third verse: Astek]
Excuse my charisma, vodka, Spritzer (reference to Lil Wayne’s – 6 foot 7 foot track)
Moonshine not vodka, I can’t see shit.
You’ve got a tattoo on your back, that’s dope.
Amso f’d up (drunk person mumbling)
Place is packed with partying people
but there’s this one fucking black sheep.
Rado, come on, lets punk this rich pussy!
He’ll end up with a black eye.
I’m going to have a drink and we’ll act like rednecks.
I don’t give a damn about bouncers.
Meaningful gestures (middle fingers) #pantomime
Hoodies and aggression on the horizon.
Fucking mutants with “kidneys” (money belts) on their chests.
Chill, lads. We’re not looking for trouble.
I’m changing locations, I’m standing with a blunt.
I’m hitting the sack.
I’m a professional partygoer.
Yo, move over!
Check Jarek’s crew moves.
We’re killing it on the dance floor.
The fuck is up with them dudes boping to music?
They look like Jews praying in front of Wailing Wall.
I want more drinks!
One shot at the bar.
Leave the door open, mom. I’ll be back in the morning.
You know what I mean, babe.
Show me what you’re drinking (I am an expert in this field)
and I’ll tell you what kind of person you are #Akinator
If you are capitulating and coming back then I know one thing.
Give me a buzz from home.


[4th verse: Rado Radosny]
Boom! Trip (as in, after sniffing shit)
Coco jumbo, bajao bongo.
Someone smoked some (bongo), someone else sniffed some (coco).
Eyes like Bilguun Ariunbataar (Polish showman, satirist, celebrity and a journalist of Mongolian descent)
I’m eating some roquefort cheese.
I think I’m going to burp.
I’ll get my “cheesy” (V neck) sweater dirty.
I’m not sharing with anyone, om nom nom.
I’m going to piss to the flowerpot.
And what’s the rest of the crowd doing?
They’re pouring another round of vodka.
I guess I can’t hold my liquor. I’ll probably throw up.
I’m waiting two rounds (of alcohol)
I think I lost track of time cause I don’t see the guys.
I’m heading to the balcony, holding on to balustrade
cause I’m scared of flying like B.A. Baracus.
Some piece of ass goes for a smoke.
She looks like a chieftain, all caked in make-up.
I think we passed each other at the university.
Kids, don’t be afraid to ask questions,
so I’m like: ” You want to fuck?”
She tells me to fuck off and ask for forgiveness.
She calls me a dick and says that her boyfriend trains karate.
Oh, he’s coming out of the toilet.
I’ve started apologizing. Her fancy man shows up. He’s pissed off.
It got very noisy. He’s going to “dismantle” me like a bicycle.
He called me the worst names.
Now he’s gonna beat me to a pulp and boom! (Motherfucker)
(What in the hell?!)

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