PRO8L3M – Na Audiencji (English lyrics)

[First verse: Oskar]
I invited her for ice-cream and home-made fruit cake.
She smoked two fags but then brought up the topic of her ex.
She asks me what do I think about the guy and I’m like ” heel boy” (pussy whipped)
She didn’t know what good sex was.
We went to my place.
I started to devour her with my eyes in the elevator. She turned white.
She asked me ” What’s goin’ through your head? Yuck! I knew it.”
My dick got hard.
She wasn’t fat but had big tits.
I drank some whisky straight from the bottle.
Then I grabbed her face and gave her some too.
Her knockers were squeezed so tight.
When I pulled the bra’s straps them boobs popped out like German missiles.
My dick pierced through my underpants and trousers.
I tore her dress cause it was laced up tight as bovver boots.
She looked at me all shocked but it was nothing new to me.
It went so far down her throat that breakfast repeated on her.
She was my guest.
She had both her nipples and clit pierced
and few adages in Latin just above her pussy in defiance of social conventions.
I was standing over her like a [indistinct]
Bill Clinton would be shoving popcorn down his throat to this one.
She had that “horny MILF” face. I threw her on the bed.
She was really pretty.

[Second verse: Oskar]
One swallow doesn’t make a summer
but yesterday she was all shy and now
she has nothin’ against whipping.
I grabbed her by the hair.
I have a firm grip so I ended up with a lock in my hand.
I wanted to find out how freaky she really was.
When she pushed me towards the perch
I knew I’ll have to be more vigorous.
Time for the verdict will come. Women don’t like to take breaks.
She’s screamin’, I’m holdin’ her by the neck and we’re “galloping manic” (fast paced sex) like at Kentucky Derby. (play on words)
I turned her over on her stomach so that she could bend over.
She was suprised when I spanked her ass.
But the second one landed smoothly.
Soft one is okay. Like when you’re slapping your dick against her butt cheeks.
She was bathed in sweat – like me when I have to pay off a debt with interest.
She started sucking on a pacifier to give her body some time to recover.
She pulled a face but dug her fingernails in my back and stopped protesting.
I’ve turned her over onto her side, or I should say ‘sides’ (love handles) [play on words]
I don’t want no skinny chicks in here.
I went wild on her, “oh” stuck in her throat.
But when she smacked me in the face her attitude changed.
She may want to use some morphine tomorrow.
I’ve decided that it’s time to break the bed
and for her to scream like in the last moments of her life
but it’s neither my name nor nickname.

[Outro: Steez] x4
She’s wearing that gold, shiny stuff.
It’s not a walk in a park.
Long nails, salty sweat.
Eyes blindfolded, ice cubes and vanilla butter.


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