Quebonafide ft. Sfera Ebbasta – Hypebae (English lyrics)

Translation: Kamil.M, Yung Curtis

[First verse: Quebonafide]
Everywhere chicks and parties. It’s appealing like hell.
I know you like Tinder, Thrasher clothes and Tumblr posts.
You’d like to wake up next to a rapper,
preferably in a luxurious hotel.
It would be best if the wood was mahogany.
And if he was wearing Yeezy and looked at least a bit like G Eazy.
But you will settle for Qjubo.
” I saw his picture in a yellow Supreme hoodie”.
Maybe it’s not bogo but who cares?
Who do you expect to pick up on a Celine bag?
You need to shoot your Snap somewhere.
You won’t do it with a bloke in a GAP t-shirt.
You won’t do it with a bloke who doesn’t know who is (Alexander) Wang.

[Chorus: Quebonafide]
Hypebae, you’re such a hypebae.
Straight away you’re spreading your legs. I see you on the backstage. You’re such a hypebae.
Hypebae, you’re such a hypebae.
You’re lookin’ for your niche in a Maharishi hoodie. You’re such a hypebae.
Hypebae, you’re such a hypebae.
On Instagram, not Facebook, take your clothes off after the concert. You’re such a hypebae.
Hypebae, you’re such a hypebae.
It’s not the first time I see you. My DJ fucked you and my hypeman had you.

I’m a hypebae (it has the same meaning as Fashion Killa)
I want a hypebitch,
I’m on Hypebeast,
I’ll die rich,
Thousands brands on me,
Thousands snitches all around me,
I’ll do triple X with your girlfriend.

[Second verse: SFERA EBBASTA]
I shout towards the cops: “Suck my dick”
I want money, cash, mula,
The world is round like an orange,
I hold it in my hand and make juice.
Flow maracuja,
My ass in a pair of Gucci jeans, I run away from the patrol,
I spend 6000 euro in an afternoon,
For me to get this money back it’s nothing,
Your gold is fake, ya,
Black gold on my neck, ya,
I don’t take my chains off even at the airport, because the alarm don’t ring, ya,
10.000 euro on my neck,
2000 every month for my mum,
Kappa’s tracksuits,
They move 6K with a StarTac, ya

[Bridge: Sfera Ebbasta] x2

[Bridge: Quebonafide]
Now these spoiled bitches want me to buy them everything.
Perfumes and clothes, motherfuckers. Vogue life.
I had the same pair of worned out shoes for years.
Now we’re making up for these times.
Nowadays I’m rockin’ only Off-White x 2
Only Off-White on me.
There’s only Off-White in my closet.
You love me cause I got that Off-White.
I’ve got only Off-White with me.


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