Rim’K ft Rich Homie Quan – Everyday (English lyrics)

1st verse (Rim’k) :
An Arab in the grocery store
I pay with counterfeit money
two grams from Colombia
That’s to get your bitch horny
I bought myself a bigger gat
I bought myself a villa in the south
We live with cops on our asses
There’s nothing but mexicans around me
Oh, life is great
Gwap in the garbage bag
Hate and blood under my shoe soles
I’m like a slave
I rebel against my masters
My dream is to stick up The Bank Of America dressed up as Santa Claus
I go trough body search over at the customs
They want to check what I’ve got under my serwel pants
I’m always a suspect in a black coupe
On a night trip, taped up number plates
Tractions, tractions
We get by even when the money is low
Voice is always sore
Money always well folded
They had a dream that I fell off
But that day never came

2nd verse (Rich Homie Quan) :
All around this bitch with 10 bands on a nigga like everyday
I’m from East Atlanta, I can get money in like every way
Ridin’ ’round, ’round listening to 2Pac prayin’ for better days
If I want it, I’ma cop it right then I ain’t motherfuckin’ hesitatin’
On a lil’ bitch pushed too hard had a lil’ hoe devastated
And I sold out every week on that block cause I sell the latest
And I don’t think about shit too hard, hell no, no meditatin’
I’m from the East
No West but I need me a Kim Kardashian

Chorus (Rim’K) :
Everyday, everyday
Everyday, everyday
Everyday, everyday
Everyday, everyday

3rd verse (Rim’k) :
I wanted to escape the hood, I went over at Roissy airport and got me a plane ticket
When I got to the states, they told me that things were out of hand, that there were shoot outs in the streets
My hometown, Vitryo de Janeiro, my gang, le cliento Trece
I told them that judging from my situation, that I didn’t give a shit
My story begings on Camille Groult’s street
Fed with deception, I made my way
I would’ve made more money on the soccer fields
But as long as my moms is straigth then I don’t give a shit
Once she gets wathever she wants in the cabin
Once she eats wathever she wants
Knee deep in the hood
Building unbreakable bonds

4rth verse (Rich Homie Quan) :
Everyday I walk around with a lot of money
Lucci, I like a lot of hundreds
7 figure like me you know I need a lot of commas
Hundred truth for the ratchet but everyday I lie to someone
Me and Rim’k going crazy on a beat like this hey
I’m at the Eiffel Tower gettin’ head from a freak like this hey
Somethin’ in my throat, hell no let me get this shit clear
Reincarnation, Quan goin’ crazy, swear to God I’ve been here

Chorus (Rim’K) :
Everyday, everyday
Everyday, everyday
Everyday, everyday
Everyday, everyday

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