RK La Patate ft KOBA LaD

Intro (RK & Koba LaD) :
We bring that dope shit to you
Eh, woh

1st verse (Koba LaD) :
Eh, the business brought me nothing but trouble, my platinum album brought me nothing but haters
I’ve been in it for not even a year now, Koba LaD, RK si taking over
I’m in the sports car, the licence plate is German, RS is written on the steering wheel
And 3.2 Liter consumes a lot, like we’re stacking we always full the tank up

2nd verse (RK) :
Eh, you can bring all your homies, we don’t give a fuck about them, I wan’t to fuck the boss up
I’m in the building, I got to the room, the package won’t go through the post office
I’m with Kobz La Détaillen it’ll be raining bullets at end of the episode
We slang it, re up, she’s so beautiful that she caused deaths

3rd verse (Koba LaD) :
A hundred grams, a kilo, Pablo, ouh, that’s a lot
I don’t sleep much anymore, the planning is set, I’m booked four days per week, I’m booked
Huge quantity, good quality, ouh
I only got critical and G13 left, get me blunt wrap to roll them up

4th verse (RK) :
Eh oh, I went and joined Geeks in the block motherfucker (in the block motherfucker)
I’m hated by the cops, I got transferred over bullshit (transferred over bullshit)
Three holes, T-Max, Rastou making big salary
We finally made it, they don’t know about us, I left no trace, go fuck your mothers, I’m in town with her
You think you can fuck with us ? Woh
I’m feeling confident, I’m knee deep in the projects, you’re counting the money that I can blow at the restaurant
We’re confirming that we don’t give a fuck about you, we drop albums and best of
We’re gonna repeat we don’t give a fuck about them, high at night, we laugh about it
It’s not complicated : we’re stack money up, homie, you go empty the safe out
I walk into the apartment wearing a ski mask as usual, plus we broke through the roof

Bridge (Koba LaD) :
Again ‘again) a little (a little), just a little (just a little) a little (a little)
One drink (one drink), two drinks (two drinks), two grams (two grams), twenty two (not bad)
Eleven o’clock (oh) around here (hey) 3 PM (hey), we’re reloading (hey)
Shots are being fired (hey, hey, hey, hey), shots are being fired, no more bullets left, I’m re loading up the gun

Outro (RK) :
If you want dope shit, we’re bring it to you (X4)

RK – La patate ft KOBA LaD, English lyrics

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