Rohff – Comme en 46 (English lyrics)

Unique verse :
A real sensation, a damn sound from the king
Chopped up like some pure under Golovkin’s crushing blows
Is not a thug he who chooses to be one, but he who didn’t have a choice
Being a bad boy is nothing but a rich kid’s fantasy
I’m back in business, it’s like in 1946 all over again
I’m maxing out the 6th gear, turning up the A86
You big sausage, we’ll fuck you up at ten
Faut recoudre le bitume à la plume qui a balafré Narcisse (??)
In flagrante delicto of an exaction, in flagrante delicto of an erection
While performing my duties
Live from Hall Street, may my actions…
Wipe them out, I’m dividing 6.6.6 by 3.56
That gives me 187 and a few deaths on my calculator
I’m back, I ate all the vultures
The game is going bald, with a razor blaze, I’m giving it a shape-up
Drive by on a street hawk, helmet head butt, hit you with the adjustable wrench
Les Inrocks can go fuck themselves, there won’t be any choucroute or any show at Colette’s
The system’s kids takes us for puppets
I’ll fuck them, their groupies, their mothers, and still remain a loyal husband
Those dick riding dogs, they lick balls and it’s not because they’re grooming
This is the sun king up in Marie-Antoinette’s ass
Nothing but wheelies, why else would you talk to us about competition ?
Masturbating and using dildos in front of YouPorn made them dumb
The beat and me is like the coupling of the Beauty and the Beast
You can rhyme dirty as much as you want, I didn’t co-sign you because I know you’re a pussy
Duty paid for my sentences, telephony gave me an opening
Don’t forget that we came from the bottom, that we’re know all the way to Bangladesh
I’ll carry my balls, unseal the prison’s doors with my music theory key
Criminally eloquent, the crime rate should soar
I spray the place up on the truce days, may they all die, no time to do a sermon
20 year long career, I feel like a fucking priest in this little day care center
You little clown, you’re not a thug just because you say “wesh”
You have the honor of being the biggest piece of shit that France has ever took
Traitors only walk with traitors, and chiefs only fuck with chiefs
A lion only surrounds himself with lions and lionesses not with goats
Leading power of Paris, we produce stand up guys, around here you guys are random
The monkeys would like to thank your moms for giving birth to so much bananas
I full up my showcases to the brim and only attract bottle buyers
This nigga is more than bankable, he murders from head to big toe
The rap game is rubbing it’s fucking clit against the replay button
I’ll leave them in a post traumatic state, because the intro scared them so much


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