Ronnie Flex – Blijf Bij Mij ft. Maan

(Chorus, Ronnie Flex & Maan)
Stay with me, don’t go
You are the only one left
All I have
All I have
Stay with me, don’t go
All I have
You are the only one left
You are the only one left

(Bridge, Maan)
I gotta be honest,
I don’t know how
Ronnie it feels good, everything you do with me
Everytime, again and again
You can count on me, for ever

(Pre-chorus, Ronnie Flex)
Do you still love me if I ain’t got nothing, baby
Do you admit if you’re wrong, baby
Hold my hand, I will take you through the fog, baby
I can take you to the other side, believe me
It’s nothing, you know that
Don’t leave me alone
Yeah I feel sick when I miss you
Oh, who do you hold when it’s cold outside?



(Verse 1, Ronnie flex)
Yeah, ah, ey
I find it difficult to tell you what I feel for you
Those girls, gossip, let thim sit on a chair
Last time I saw you I was a dumb fool
Talking with these girls with my dumb ass
You shouldn’t flirt in front of me, that’s not fucking cool
I’m a striker, and when I shoot, I shoot on the goal
Damn shawty, I do everything to you on intuition
Implicitly to you, yeah



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