Ronnie Flex – NORI (English lyrics)

Damn, watch how I flex in this bitch
Watch how I spend, it’s nothing
Pull up in a brand new whip
And I leave with your bitch
They know that I never ever switch
You aren’t real with that shit
Pull up in a brand new whip
And I leave with your bitch

Verse 1:
Pull up in a brand new whip
watch how I flex in this bitch
Why did you think that I was calling Kees? (Biggest label owner in Holland)
I called your bitch (hello?)
Watch our gang good, we are rich
In club Vie, with the ADF-clique
All my niggas will fight over nothing
You wanted to test me, now you walk around with a cast
They told me you aren’t suitable (why?)
She said: you guys are wrong
The last one who laughs is me
You run whole day, for nothing
Pull up with a brand new bitch
Nearly as famous as me
Shorty talks to much shit
I missed the half


Verse 2:
Damn, watch how I enter in this bitch
Gucci shoes are lacquered in this bitch
All of those niggas already are hating on this
I do this like it’s easy
From the bottom with the elevator up
Since I was a little kid I had plans for this
Red soles, they are custom made and shit
Gucci shirts in the package and shit
Damn, is it the way how I look?
I’ve got all these bitches on me, damn, make place
I know why all these niggas are hating on me
Because if you look at the top, it’s me, not you
Oeh, is it the way how I shine?
You know, Ronnie smells fresh as rosemary
I’m wearing Bathing Ape, no Philipp Plein
Lil flex makes all of these haters sour as vinegar
Shorty goes hard in this bitch
Shake it in sweat pants in this bitch
Yes, your ass is ridiculously thick
Skip the beat, I hear it clapping and shit
Damn, I’m in love with a bitch
Nah, I can’t be in love with a bitch
You already know what it is
Yeah yeah yeah yeah


RONNIE FLEX – Nori (English lyrics)


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