RPS/DJ Zel “S.L.U.M.S.” feat. DVJ Rink (English lyrics)


[First Verse]
If you had to repeat a year then you’re SLU
If your father used to whoop your ass then you’re SLU.
If you’re no stranger to domestic violence, you don’t know what ease means.
If you’ve experienced poverty then represent my crew.
SLU’s much more than me and DJ Decks.
It’s for all those who are constantly at war.
They don’t know what hearth and home means but they do know how it feels to get hit.
Alcohol was flowing like water, you caught the disease.
Each big-head gives hard stare like a street jackal.
When they sense disdain from you they’ll bring you to tears.
Nowadays I’m feeling the effects of drinking and my face is wrinkled like Shar Pei’s.
SLU is like Kray brothers in musical setting.
You can make fun of it but down here this shit won’t fly.
You can be more proud than Tom Hardy (indistinct)
* Sparta representatives, Jeżyce.
We represent ghettos from all over the country.
You got them street tattoos and you speak slang.
I’m down with the streets not with the bank.
Even though I’ve got my PIN number and bank account
there are more important things for me in this life.
If you’ve got my back there’s no chance I’m going to fall.

S – motherfucker, stronger than before.
L – I like spitting rhymes, I’m doing good.
U – I’m dissing them punks, putting them in their place.
S.L.U.M.S – I am my own boss.
S – it’s my sanctuary, musical legacy.
L – a legend, don’t try to stop me.
U – street crew, it’s my team.
S.L.U.M.S – that’s how it starts.

[Second Verse]
If you used to sleep at stairway then you’re SLU.
If you’re bottling up your emotions then you’re a part of my crew.
If you’re going to fight by my side then I know you’re my friend.
You want to go hyphy during my concert? I’m all for it.
Yarn-spinners, where’s your street credibility? (Where?)
Where’s the trust they’ve put in me? (Where?)
Where are those street scoundrels? It’s S.L.U.’M.S’ as in ‘Miejski Sort’ (rap group)
I wish y’all good health.
It’s that street breed and bastards with no prospects.
Try do undermine it. I know the rules but you don’t.
Cause you ain’t got none so you’re dribbling like Iniesta.
I’ve cleaned my act up.
There’s no true friendship without love and camaraderie.
I grew up around that street band.
Down here whole hanging frame and sandpit are covered with lines.
I know Bloodsport. Either you’re SLU or you’re a joke.
You’d better bear that in mind!
I’m not a wimp. Even though I had it good,
I’m still the leader of the kids from dysfunctional families.

[Third Verse]
If you were sexually abused then you’re SLU.
You sniff solvent? Then you’re SLU.
If you’re doing drugs or you’re a hardcore gambler
then, brother, tenement gate in Jeżyce is your only home.
Down here pampered rapper from a catalogue is game.
Once you smell blood you’ll be slitting throats all the time.
Game herds/packs, those punches, street skill kills it.
Knock this hood fashion out of your head, take the stick out of your ass.
Down here kids are attempting suicide while they’re still in the womb.
They wrap their heads with umbilical cord. I know, it’s sad.
You think it’s easy to live a life of an outcast?
Don’t talk to me about underclass unless you want to piss me off.
Idiots judge others. Keywords: Wronki, Rawicz (Polish prisons)
A lot of people would top themselves instead of trying to turn the corner.
I won’t give you advice or butter you up, SLU is loyal.
* Some faggot snitched, fuck Madzia’s mother.
He’ll probably take offence but the streets have no mercy.
Shoutouts to the listener who’s getting fucked up while listening to this.
If you’re hurtin’, brother, don’t despair, you got to be tough.
Don’t let others make you believe you’re evil.

* Jeżyce is the part of the city of Poznań where the rapper grew up and, as far as I know, lives to this day.
* At one time a cause célèbre of an infant baby girl murdered by her own mother.


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