SCH – Cervelle (English lyrics)

Intro :
Katrina Squad
You’re not gonna do a thing

1st verse :
It’s Le S and I believe in my metals, mother fuck having a mentor
We sell coke, yeah, because it brings in mad paper, I’m soon getting an Aventador
Judging from the life I live, you’re gonna have to bury me early, fuck being an old man
My weapon is Serbian, but I’ll rip you apart with a knife
I don’t wait on the final straw anymore
A pair of new sneakers, I drove my mother crazy
Way before I ended up in E.R, disease, death, I never saw my father again
With the construction workers, with the city workers, I can make it your last hour
The shot callers and the bosses, you recognize the smell
Don’t act surprised, don’t make no noise, you little puppy
Toto Riina’s life, I’m not interested in it, I’m headed straight
I know everyone around here, everyone knows I have a long reach
Grow up and do studies, I learn from my enemy
I know him better than my friend, he thinks he’s gonna teach me about life ?
I’m gonna teach you about yours, where you eat on Mondays
Where you hang out on Tuesdays, where you sleep on Wednesdays
The one you fucked on Thursday, where you dance on Fridays, son of a bitch

Bridge :
You’re the king of rap, you ? You fucker

2nd verse :
It’s Le S, there’s naked women everywhere
I don’t blow money on Mathusalems, just for the attention
I take a piss at the end of the party, mother fuck a Mathusalem
The Banker is telling me : “Julien we’re borderline”
But there’s money to be made, fuck the code of ethics
I’m not a petty thief, I’m never really full
Especially when there’s kids involved, I could have thought you how to sell drugs, I wanted to teach you how to rap
I think there’s something in my guts, something that is mad at the whole world
My dick gets hard like rarely when there’s money coming in, fuck all those who threw stones at me
They’re gonna eat apples in paradise, there’s blood falling on my umbrella
If we meet we’re gonna fuck you up, trying to please everyone is useless
Be careful protect your neck, be careful protect your elbows
Be careful I’ll put it up your ass, be careful protect your life
Mother fuck your founding fathers, mother fuck your rapping ass brothers in laws
Mother fuck the taxes, mother fuck the risk, mother fuck the disc
I don’t give a fuck about being validated, I don’t give a fuck about being cool with the mots dangerous guys in the projects
A man with a weapon, that’s a dangerous idea
So many absurdities written down on a notepad, it gives us good laughs
We’re after that pure shit that goes for 22 euros, confirmed killers
Wrecked cars, 17 year old kids
I come from the real shit hole, you still have all your teeth ?
You little faggot, I’m giving my heart to a woman but sometimes that drives you crazy
I’m no a bad guy, betrayal is hard to digest, then I’ll make your vision go blurry
It’s true that life is hard, damn that’s really my domain
Damn getting money is good, damn things were tough before
Damn we were so naive
I would have given my trust to any son of a bitch, hopefully we get to spent some good times together
Hopefully I get to keep mom with me longer
I’ve got some 22, some 9.19, some 9.17 also some 7.62
My weapons aren’t in plastics like my girl’s boobs
They came around here acting tough, they were unrecognizable when they left
We hit the road after downing 3 bottles, there’s no designated driver around here
You’re gonna leave with your body full of aluminium, blood all over your Célio Kway
There’s no doubt that Knockout Ned would be a look out boy around here
And when the lights will go back off again, my ring worms will reappear
The real guys, the little kids that you bullied, will come back to take the crown
Look at me in the eyes, who can sit at my table ?
I would already stop rapping, bitch, if I was feeling better

Outro :
It’s Le S
This is Marseilles, baby, 19co

SCH – Cervelle (English lyrics)


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