SCH – Favente Booska (English lyrics)

Translated by Clara Ferranti

I get a semi automatic blade out, everyone running like fucking Usain Bolt
Killin myself at the Pantheon, 2017 new school, my rap grabs you by the neck
Looking for my competitor in the devil’s ass or wherever
Still didn’t see him coming
At school, what matters’s to be in the back of the classroom with the heat and the window
Whore, whore, whore, I put my dick on your foreheads, put my dick on my S, S, S, S, S
I don’t erect to fuck her, nor to fuck the other, I always erect for cash money
I’m gonna wage war, leaving daddy at the hospital hanging on to plastic tubes
She’s asking me on my victories, my success, but not on their bittersweet taste
Favente my man, i’m gonna make your thumbs cut by serious guys
I do anal and oral I’m back to make troubles, rappers selling 12’s
No legend, envious
Gloved since dawn, chinos full of blood costing 15 dollars fee
A skipper and a boat, panoramic city view
I don’t bump into a rap dude
I do it wild and and athwart
I took my weapons, I didn’t run, fuck your mom
We selling S, sellin S to you
Lil blade in the fancy car, yesterday i was a kiddo
Ten years later we call for a drink
Let me taste your haze
I don’t talk with suckers, taking a pic with your niece
Bang bang bang QVP, then i don’t know who’s the best
For me no best, just guys who cope
I let you guys suck dicks
I am more influencer than ever
Not here for 15minutes it smells like whitewash and sulfur
Your rolling paper won’t fold up, too much tobacco
Dad won’t deny me, ain’t no cop no queer
My bitch playing harp, sure you won’t see us again
In the Quatar, in the USA
Still living from my mixtapes
All have Cayenne cars downstairs but all living with the state’s money
Realer than real
Smoking high definition, big joint prepared
They’re thugs, yeah not so much
Not over bitch, lots would have loved that
Yeah, most brutal violence
The Christ’s goodwill
Talking to your hear to threaten you
Fire in the eyes, iced look
I’ll talk to the sun on an eclipse day

Wah Wah
19 Favente my man
Serious dudes, bitch
Bosska P Criminal, 19


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