SCH – Freestyle Jvlivs (English lyrics)

Unique verse :
Being a millionaire doesn’t make you grow a pair
Having the hottest one doesn’t mean you’re good looking
What doesn’t kill us will make us handicaps or will turn us a little crazier
Seeing the horizon won’t enlarge my vision (no)
My back grew stronger judging from the weight of my sins, and my belly got bigger judging from the weight of my money
And I took some weapons with me judging from the amount of traitors that are ahead (paw, paw)
When it was cold and times were hard, I was making it seem like it was easy
So I’m the same person as I was before
The language of the metals, word of iron, I have some un-replaceable homies
I’m kind, but I can have you ripped apart if I wanted to (if I wanted to)
Young, I’ve known nothing but crisis in the flames and the tramontane
I don’t speak to donkeys, I’m too afraid they might become racing horses (sku sku)
You’re a millionaire in fake streams, rap is just for the image
There’s numbers but there’s mad holes in your trenches (in your trenches)
I’ve had big losses, I go visit Otto at the cemetery, I hope that he hears me, but deep down, I know that I’m just talking to a piece of stone (ah)
I won’t say to them what they wanna hear just to get 40 thousand ReTweets
A street, a semi automatic, of course we can make them turn soft
Send shots at me, we don’t give a fuck, I know where I started from
I stayed more than ten years in the shadows and I still kept my wittiness
I show respect to that who respect to me, good accounts make good friends
Good friends make good accounts to does who help themselves
You talk shit about le S, go fuck your mother, it’s just rap music, don’t panic
We enter your house through the Velux roof window or the Veranda (wah wah wah)
Back where I’m from there’s unstable young kids, around here, everyone has his caliber
My generation supports me like the OM at the soccer stadium (ouh)
3 out of 4 of them aren’t free, the street, the real one, it’s not a joke
We swear on the Coran or the Bible that we’re gonna do you dirty (son of a bitch)
That other son of a bitch, he’s messing with my balls as if I was some punk from around the sector
In twelve hours from now, you’re gonna hear the empty shells falling (empty shells falling)
We’re the master of our own fucking lives, we leave when the cops arrive
We’re all guilty of something, there’s very few honest guys

Outro :
I’ll respect you, if you respect me
I don’t give a fuck if people love or hate me
For the rest, we move on instinct
Becoming number one and staying it
Apart from that nothing special, nothing special, nothing special
Nothing special, nothing special, nothing special
Nothing special, nothing special



  1. crazy.

    • He nails it every time. What do you think of Ciel Rouge ?

      • yes he does man..
        every song with SCH is nice, but its not my favourite because of the beat. I Jut like different.
        and you?

        • Yeah, to me all the best tracks already came out (Mort de rire, Otto, le code…), now it’s mostly just for the story.

          • yeah these are just incredible.
            cant wait for new songs. He is by far my favorite Artist at the moment

          • Yeah, he’s German, no wonder he’s your favorite xD lol No but seriously, he really takes his music seriously

          • haha, good point but no. At the first time I saw his music, i refused to like him, i dont know why.
            Now, I think he is a genius.
            What do you think about his credibility?

          • He’s from Marseilles, to me that’s enough. That’s where all the mobsters operate. Every other day of the week there’s an AK 47 shoot out down there.

            Really ? Why didnt you like him at first, his style ? It’s weird because, I remember back then, I would post a lot of his songs and they wouldn’t get many views. Then everything changed with Otto.

          • yeah I heard that marseille has dangerous places…
            the first video i saw was champs elysees, and i didnt like it because of his look and the song. few weeks later i listened to A7 and since then i was hooked by his style and music. Just not the same then others, and his flows and voice is just sick..

          • Champs elysées is a terrible song to start with haha. You have to listen to that song with the bass on max, it changes everything. But yeah, to a lot of Sch fans, A7 (not just the song but also the album/mixtape) remains his best work.

          • Haha yes, thought the same thing.
            A7 is brilliant, Anarchie has a few songs that are outstanding, deo favente and JVLiVS are insane to me.

          • Deo favente is my least favorite. But he didn’t dissapoint with jvlivs.

          • Really?! I loved deo favente. Comme si is my favourite on this one …
            Why you dont liked it?

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