SCH Freestyle on Skyrock (English lyrics)

Intro :
Oh, oh, oh yeah, oh

Unique verse :
I fucked her, I don’t know what Hitch is
I still have her lip gloss on my dick
I digested being young and rich, 4 wheel drive car rolling
You run your mouth so you’ll pay the full price
You just got your (???)
The cop’s daughter listen’s to A7 so I don’t need my (??) during the police search-search-search, stop
You’re my brother so we ride together
You’re my whore so you’re a VIP now
You come around here, you’ll end up bloody, son of a bitch
If you’re number one then I’m number 1 bis, I’ve got many kids in this rap game
I look like an angel but I come from hell, I’m full of vices, yeah
I’ve got brothers, I’ve got sisters, I’ve got generous girls
Gédéon, I’ve got money, so I can make them happy
You’re probably going to send people over for me, but I don’t know neither this one or that one
Then will come the time when you’ll have to own up, because we want your head now, hein
Temperature way below zero
(??) kilos wrapped in cellophane
You’re a guy but I heard that you suck other guys dicks, buy yourself some Labello
Who wants to make war we’re ready ? You’ll either die or end up with crouches
4 armed men in the Infinity, I’m in shape like Neo, I fuck Trinity
My homies are in jail, I’m not big headed
It’s everything for the profits, and pull up in a Corvette
I’m holding back my brother, my brother is running his dope spot
Around here there’s nothing but pussies who drive around with tainted windows
I’m qualified quality all year long
We’ve got loaded Glocks, we won’t fist fight
Eh, we’re starving so we persevere
I lurk around violent like Mercemer
My brothers are in jail, I’m not big headed
It’s everything for the profits, and pull up in a Corvette
You’re talking to my arm, we talk to you like a bitch
You wanna discuss with the ventroliquist, ‘liquist ?
I only talk to Hungarian guys who kill for cheap, you can rent (??)
A Jerrycan, some super oil, a lighter
7.62, 30 shots, a charger
I’ll use my index finger to empty it out
Go ahead and have meetings to screw me over
Faggot, I’m from the projects, the projects
The little kids don’t like you, you’re (??)
The day we kill you, kill you, I’ll be with a north African looking guy, an Algerian
Around here whenever we meet you, you leave quick
Tu t’fais pointer au parvis (??)
We’re not afraid of the bouncer
You’re a big time drug dealer, homie, who cares

Outro :
It’s le S, 19, this is Marseilles, baby
Eddy, Marmotte, Le Major, Albert, Yaya, Skembri
It’s le S, Götze, numero 19, Marseilles



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