Old School SCH before he blew up – Froid (English lyrics)

Verse :
Without me, the sun will still rise
I’m over that, I know that they won’t take this like a poem
A little bit of my thoughts in a test tube
On the construction site of my life, pilling up my sins on the wheelbarrow
I’m not malnourished, the hash is killing us, I’m starving, like crazy
In the darkness, caulked : the competition, I want their ego to burn
I know the traitors biggest secrets, others know
That we can fuck shit up, all we need is 1 0000 Slavic mili-liters
It goes “di-ling-ding” when the empty shells fall, we have Viking lives and their balls are trembling
I’m not in their gang-bang of sheeps, ah, I’ve got the dept, the shape that bothers them
We’re going to have to quit everything that is killing us, the blood is running it’s bright red, without turning orange
Tormented mothers by so many deaths
I’m a square entering a round world, find me a fucking competitor
I’ll unleash a hell of a torrant on them, I lay big verses, they’ll learn
My homie, this is 13 miles 4, yeah, faggot, you’re on your knees
Worst than on TV, I’m going to stick this m-i-c in your prostate
Bring in all the fake stars, I’m going to make the blood run on the Oscar
I don’t give a fuck about seeing my face on a poster, I want big bucks, brother, on a big table
Big news, you’re annoying us, I’ve got way too many physical and mental wounds
Again another chemical and local mix, homie, you can smell it through the cellophane
Look, look at me the wrong way, I don’t give a fuck, get close, go ahead, talk to my gun
You’re going to bring me too many worries, too many struggles, too many nothing homie, I trust my flair
I saw your brains in (??), the pieces of shits, the faggots
Those who really are, those who think they are, I gotta kill them, I gotta whipe them out
Spit my liver (??) on the toilets, (??) escapes from my two fingers
No headaches, cut my name up in three letters, listen to my bangers on the palett
Slice up my bars of hash without warming it up, look at those transexuals trying to act tough
In fusion, I’m already boilling before the warm up, asshole, this is S-C-Super-Hot

SCH – Froid (English lyrics)


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