SCH – Interlude – 420 mètres (English lyrics)

“A Tokarev for the peace, hun hun. That’s true, because just one of those projectiles is enough to pacify any place
Clic. After him, not a sound, apart from the impact of a body against the floor and the birds that fly away, scared from the detonation.
Do you know that a bullet from a Tokarev travels four hundred and twenty meters in one second ? Four hundred and twenty meters
Between the end of the canon and the judge’s head, there were 5 and barely 3 for the prefect.
That’s enough, I’ll spare you from all the calculations, it doesn’t even leave you enough time to close your eyelids
The kid, he excelled where his father failed : survival. And each one of his acts honored his memory.
Otto : four letters that terrified before him. Four letters that he had in his flesh…”


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