SCH – Interlude (English lyrics)

Intro :
Ge-Geo On The Track

Unique verse :
Look at me in the eyes, you would think I’m a liar if I told you everything
Dreaming of a million isn’t ambitious, there would probably be like 100k more if we counted everything over
To be honest, man, there’s nothing but serious people in the middle of the organized crime, me and my brothers aren’t destined to die old and pious
The police investigation is solid, two-three homies won’t spend summer
Drunk, I talk to the skies as if God could hear me
Fuck rap, fuck comedy, fuck promotion, I’m into having real discussions, han
Leather jacket, leather gloves, you get the picture ?
Criminal meetings in a room where it stinks of bleach
You smell the breeze ? I’m a child of the crisis, too real for television
I was on the dope spot back when everyone was studying
Even tolerance has it’s limits, we drop 10K and it’s a little kid born in the 2000’s that will eliminate you
Paranoid, I get my car inspected at the car lift, I came a long way since the Catalan tuna days
Right now my car is worth the price of your house
people see me in town and tell me : “you’ve got a gift, wallah, you’re a good guy”, hein
VVS you fucker, I have all your Swarovski, we sell snow, we don’t go skiing on holidays
Four wheel drive, come into my matrix, 138 euros for a full tank
We came straight out of where it smells of piss even when the walls have been painted over, yeah
600 000 albums later, damn, pre school was such a long time ago
We get locked up because of our lifestyle without any material proof
I’ll go rob banks if my little daughter has dreams that I can’t make come true
I can pay someone for the job but I’ll come break their bones myself
The wind, the rain, the tears of evil
Six in the morning, damn that’s so early, for minimum wage, damn that’s too much to ask
I had an anger big like the world, big like Omar
People cast the evil eye on me, Glock in my pants, Chapelet in the jean’s
I wanted to fuck the math teacher back when I was learning about divisions
The dream of the youths around here is stacking 10 millions
26 years old and I speak like I was 40, puto, I’m not one of those pussies you think I’m like
It’s outside that you’ll see us singing with our guts, we sell dope while our fathers break their backs
To offer us a life that is a little less sad, we make them proud or sad
Or too old before having enough euros, hein
And I know who did it, around here we know those who brag
Lifting weight is useless
We know how to aim around here
The bonds we grew were so strong, that death can’t untie them
I don’t believe in man anymore, he’s fake, I see nothing but traitors under disguise
Come in at your own risk, you’ll cross path with guys that hit hard
You’ll leave with your head unscrewed
They’ll never be there on time to come to your aid
The police station is too far away if there’s a gun that gets pulled out from under a tracksuit
From a guy high of hash’ and drunk
There’s still a few discolored photos of the youths that died before their 20s
That would have love to get rich like Bolloré, contracts to honor, the world isn’t such a colorful place
Some guys disappeared so quickly that we don’t know if they died or if they just evaporated
Acid baths, in the projects, bullets, weapons inside a box
Move out, if we know your address
One shot, we’re not playing Tetris, there’s some older guys from back where I live in the psychiatric hospital that drugs or a bitch drove crazy
You can’t understand all this, hein ?

Outro :
It’s Le S, mother fucker
You wanna act tough, little pussy ?
Start by lifting the toilet seat when you go the bathroom, dummy
I’m neither a cop or a faggot
Rooftop, I’m dropping this before the 2nd Tome, it was itching me
Guilty, Le A, Le H, Bino, Sabri, Marmotte, Pech
Skembri, Pisso, Laps, Luc’, Illicite, Illicite
Angelo, Polak, Sooli, Mokhtar, Albert, Yanis, Yaya, Darty, Farid, Samir, Nono, Mehdi, Sami, Néné, Malik, Khalil
Fabien, Blond, Fred, l’Anglais, Omar, Seb, Micky, Sam, Mouss’, Wahid, Yazid, Ahmed, gang
Maison Baron Rouge
FDLRC, I’m ready since birth, hein
Every year I take back over my dope spot

SCH – Interlude (English lyrics)


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