SCH – JVLIVS Intro (Le déluge) (English lyrics)

I saw that kid born. And the cries of his poor mother only announced the arrival of the deluge
It is said that his father was born in the Vesuvius. Him, in a pool of blood, yeah. What were you expecting ?
A nice little boy ? Wolves only make wolves, and basta !
And the wolf, he has grown up : his fangs grew and so did his appetite. A very big appetite.
He quickly understood the way business works, the value of the dope spot and how to take it over
Around here, the ground, the walls only have one smell : his
And he spreads it like the blood that runs through the streets of Napoli. Yeah, I saw that kid born.
A few blocks away from the old port, there, in those same streets that saw him spread bullets and death
It is said that the cross that he wears on his chest has closed it’s eyes every time that he took someone’s life away, what a sin
I think that cross has never really been able to open it’s eyes…


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