SCH – Loup Noir (English lyrics)

A few smiles and false pretenses
And a few drops were enough
For the elixir to be deadly
Nothing but black cars in the procession
3 piece suits and long rain coats that are hiding the guns
Brothers in prison
The miscelaneous news in winter
I made 100 000 before I got my license
I practice smiling in front of the miror
I practice suffering with no remedy
The little house is in ruins
When hunger thinks
The heart goes on strike
Life is about making the right choices
The image appears without even a sketch
On the backs, the knives cut through the Redskins
Betrayal from people you have respect for
I never saw father close his eyelids
Hard working, he was all about the fridge
Living a dog’s life, from getting up at dawn
I would have never been able to manage
Nah, I would have never known how to lose
With the anger of those that get locked up
And when the eyes are closed and everything is black
When the words get lost
You feel like killing a man
Take some whisky and some false hope
And when the kids get lost
In the sinuous corridors of hell
We’ll be back in 2 minutes before
The revolvers start playing them the sound of thunder
Yeah, the storm left, where is the sun ?
My mourning isn’t done yet, where is my sleep ?

I speak about the real things that we live around here
The real guns that we’ve held
Real blood that poured
The only woman that ever rocked me
Real friends that we’ve lost (real friends that we’ve lost)

Dark thoughts and sleepless nights
Weapons, terrible children
The concrete, the noise of the cement
Where we don’t want to end up an interim worker
People betrayed me, it makes me nauseaus
I’m putting down a gun and a few roses
On the back of a used book
Listing out the things that I’ve left
Making a maximum for dad
As if I was going to make him reborn
From between the dead like a Greek God
All the wounds that I’ve got around the heart
All those scuffy euro bills inside my bag
Too young to kiss the bullet
But too young to live all this
Borsalinos in the night
Gun carriers doing the turn of the city
Blood to sponge up in the kitchen
Euro bills floating in the pool
Little Italy Corleone under Michael
Marie Curie in the money machine
Where your stomach is your telepromptor

Hunger justifies the violence
Where violence is the answer
Where violence is the motor
Where violence is the doctor
Let’s live hidden, let’s live with gloves on
Let’s do the turn of the whole world
Before a bullet stops us

SCH – Loup Noir (English lyrics)


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