SCH – Marché Noir (English lyrics)

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Katrina Squad

[Verse 1]
If God wants, the earth’s tour will be done quickly
Compressed narcos in a trunk, half a ton and the first mil’ came quickly
Crime pays, I’m blinded, I see them through the lampshade
Good does not always triumph, you’ll know it when we’ll come to choke you,
A tokarev for the truce, lot of love but I make war
We take weapons if there are weapons, there are businesses, I make businesses
Monegasques to tie like sausages, there are rappers to ransom
Me, I wanna see their real faces, the one not calibrated
I crossed Sicilia, we’re on motorcycles and in the news
I have grudges that have simmered, the death is served al dente
Jesus pendant, I have the same faith than my ancestors
Prison sends me to the Rif, I put the suit on the hanger
Attack like defense, a poker strike will make us rich
My cash smells like Vanish, we pay the deposit in hashish
Still don’t like the caviar, serve me pasta for dinner
I have some Kevlar sheets for the bullet intended for me
I’ve lost my mind and tomorrow I’ll give you reason
To have lived every fucking day as if it was your last one
If we pass by hooded, there’s no smoke without fire
Big money and big stakes, you’re not the only one with a gun
JVLIVS come back like Ciro, my mind lives on Chihiro
Your gangsters are chimeras, my face is blue in front of the flashing lights
Figlio di putana, leather and Glock under the cassock
A mother throws herself under a tramway, yesterday, her son experienced the drama

I drink coffee in the back room, I’ve put the pharmacy in charge (yah, yah)
Life sold me nothing logical, (han, han) and I found myself in the brambles

[Verse 2]
And I asked for answers from deaf mutes
Revolver against the bull’s-eye for the one who wants to ogle
What’s happening in my wallet
Believe me, that there’s much more violent than putting lead in your lemon
Believe me, that there’s more virulent than the most dangerous in the whole borough
It’s crying in the audience, we did worse than the elders
My bros in pre-trial will not be there for the deliberation, eh
We come in the club, it costs them a month on the run
What’s became weird, to take action, I don’t ask for an endorsement
I drove my mother crazy for real, I made her proud for real
I’m real with mines, for real
Glocks, we don’t do breakdance, we break your door with thunder
I wanted this fucking Mercedes, three hookers in the back seat
Always feel a bit shaky when I see the Sazers passing by
Millions of steps in front of our eyes, you have to play your cards right
Tonight, a kid beats the great Leonidas
Baby, Paris is magic, Baby, Marseille is mafia (is mafia, is mafia)


SCH – Marché Noir (English lyrics)


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  1. LE S never disappoints

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