SCH – Tempête (English lyrics)

Unique verse :
Il en faut un parce qu’il en manque, with the rage that speaks to the whole world
On the roof, the cops hidding, a kid is holding a Glock, not even 20 years old yet, crumpled euro bills in his boots
The hunger that is speaking to the heart and the rage that is speaking to the stomach
Alone in the back of the restaurant, I’m speaking to whathever is left of me
If you had given me a second life, I wouldn’t change the world
I would puncture the tires of my homies that died in a car crash, I would burn the motorbikes of all my friends who oversteered
And basta, being that I’m neither an example, or a star
And the uncertainty comes whenever I read between the lines, everything for the line of conduct
Et sa mère l’attitude, I wouldn’t have signed all these papers, patience and virtue and no one knows how much I’m starving
I’m holding back my emotions, I’ve got too many homies in prison
Addicted to speed, we die before reaching old age, we make promises of threats that we put to execution
We shoot before the question, the cocaine and the Destop
The GIGN in front of the door and you know this shit is like the Bronx, a gun to the forehead
The regrets come before death and the photos apease me
But reality comes back and then, gotta bring the money in
Expensive car on the boulevards, suspicious, rich like a Lopez
Almost everything is illegal, around here, everyone’s mourning, I won’t be taking you for a visit
There’s not a dime around here, if you owe money, they’ll drag your father behind a car, I know the way things work
And be careful of the little kid that you saw grow up in poverty, when it comes to protecting my loved ones, I’m the biggest scum bag
Ça peut nous rendre chèvre mais ça peut nous mettre bien (mais ça peut nous mettre bien)
Maybe I was a fool, in reality, the choices that brought me here, where they the right ones ? Was I doomed ?
We take failure badly despite what it teaches us, what we need, is cheques
Czechoslovakian women, German cars, Belarusian weapons, I’m crazy about guns
We’ll have a calm discussion, we’ll have a calm discussion
Then, my father left without saying doodbye, you can be sure, there will be envious people if everything is brand new
Pistol whippings in the city, I put some Bourbon on my traumas
Souvenirs drowned in liquor and I don’t ask myself
“Who will be better ?”
As long as down stairs there’s people queing up, crumpled yellow euro bills in the blue jeans
And you know my city, whenever there’s high stakes

Bridge :
I’m hearing the screams of a mother that lost a kid
But you have to be a man
I’ll leave without giving any news to the fakes
Solid, at 220 km/h in the Rove
Sweetheart put on your best dress
I understood when the enemy smiled at me

Outro :
Even with no gold, even whith no money, gloves on in the storm
Brother, you understood me, the vision doesn’t change
Whether there’s champagne or not
Even with no gold, even whith no money, gloves on in the storm
Brother, you understood me, the vision doesn’t change
Whether there’s champagne or not

SCH – Tempête (English lyircs)


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