Sevn Alias – Ballieman (prod. CAPSLOCKED) (English Lyrics)


I used to have big man dreams, but those dreams faded
I went to search for gold myself, because I never saw a thread
Know my place, but I can’t stay in one place like a vase
Because I don’t see enough luck yet in the eyes of my mom
Got conversations with a bitch, she thinks that I don’t even think about her
Don’t know why she claims me, I don’t even do her
Even if she’s horney, sometimes you just have to let things go
She takes it off, that attracts you, I’m on loot, go through your window
I don’t have to lie to you about what I have done
Used to do those things for the fam, cause I don’t give a fuck about the fame
Hater says “Chill out, I don’t wanna go bad on you”
Automatic makes you think there’s army in your street
I got sweepers with the brooms who will swipe you off the map
Racing in the seven, the amount of miles that I make
I can speak to you for a bit if you talk paper with me
If we can grab with the two of us then we split the cake
I’m a hustler, everything I do is about money
My teacher said “This is going bad”, he thought what I was doing was wrong
But if I’m not mistaken more money is coming my way
Then my teacher has ever seen, that’s funny and feels good
Strive for bettering the life, but niggas are eyeing on the kid bitch
Fuck opps, bitch I stay slim, no fitness
Block is hot, police are looking but they find nothing
Cause we are dumb young, but we don’t move blindly
I earned and learned a lot
Not everybody is your friend
Even if you feed them, give them a base to live on
Men are switching on your ass as soon as those niggas see money
True story, doesn’t matter where it happened
Could be anybody around you who smells a bit of money
Momma says, I should think about kids
But I already got trust issues when a girl is at my house
If I make kids with her she won’t go drinking and she can’t go out
Maybe you think I’m strict, but I don’t care about your opinion
The other day I got an argument with my lil’ thing from South
And my thing from the other town is fed up with me, I make her sick
She still has stuff of hers laying at my home, keeps on calling me, I’m not at home
And I don’t have time, I ignore her calls, now she’s angry and calling me names
I got money on my mind, how can I have a discussion with you?
I wanna know how you look without your clothes
After that I need to move on, I got another client to sell to
At the moment I’m in Utrecht, have to go to Amsterdam and Almere (Almere, Almere)
You know, I got choices, so now you’re making my head tired
So I let you go and call something else, I don’t give shit, I got variety
You know what it is, when I spend time with your bitch
Alias, I got that sauce, you see, we keep on marinating
I’m a little different, for real, I haven’t changed
Not the sweet type of nigga, but she can appreciate me

Not, not
not the sweet type of nigga, but she can appreciate me
A-Alias, I got that sauce, you see, we keep on marinating
I’m a hustler
Hu-Hu-Hu-Hu-Hu-Hu-Hu-Hu-Hustler (I’m a hustler)
Hu-Hu-Hu-Hu-Hus-Hus-, I’m a hustler (Hustler, hustler)


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