SHAY – Jolie (English lyrics)

Intro :

Unique verse :
Yeah, “PMW” killed it, I’m doing showcases everywhere uh !
Everything is going as planned from the start, in the Viano, view on the road
And to think that there was almost a featuring on it, I would’ve lost half
The allies left, my cousins just keep coming in
How much do you make ? 16 000 euros for ten minutes, non negotiable
Plus y toucher, au milieu (??), I’m like Popeye eating Fumbwa
I said it in “Gazon” that I would probably go commercial
He doesn’t speak French very much, but Thibaut Courtois validated it
The album isn’t even golden, I’m seeing copies everywhere uh
They can’t even sing, so it’s only normal that they talk shit on Snap uh
By the way, it’s definitely not out of fear, that I don’t answer to that one
It seems logic to me to not say anything to a snitch

“I always had a lot of love to give, but I didn’t know how..I didn’t know how to express it”

Get the machine running Mom, there’s money in rap, there’s cash to be made
I’m being asked “how are you ?” I answer, everything’s cool, yeah, yeah, yeah
I became the girl that everyone wants to screw over, arou, arou, arou
Good luck to you, you found the wrong one (??) ah yeah, ah yeah , ah yeah
Booba is my ride or die nigga, even if he un-followed me
All those debates, I “lol” at them high off nitrous oxide (nitrous oxide)
The gossiping on Twitter, Oh I love too (I love it too)
I follow QBINZe, Amine, rebeudeter
I fall asleep conceited, I wake up conceited, I’m not talking to you, where’s my car ?
When I talk about it, it’s okay, but when I really do it, it bothers them
Welcome to France, they criticize your hustle, a girl is only trying to get paid
In the cotton field nigger, that’s where your seat is
But deep down, if I wanted to, I wouldn’t be able to do it
Surrendering, I wouldn’t be able to do it (Pyroman)
Mochi, mochi nougât nicknames me green riding hood (Pyroman)
You jumped out of my way, you shouldn’t have been there in the first place
The next one is gonna make a killing, I’ll do concerts everywhere uh
The fan base is way too solid, you can shake it, it won’t budge
If tomorrow I ever happen to tell you that I’m quitting, it’ll be followed by the word “hoax”
The allies won’t come back, but it’s better now than later


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