Siboy – Barbarie (English lyrics)

Verse :

Destroy and rebuild, what , you thought I was Portuguese ?
I get in the booth and fuck up the mic regardless of any spell
I’m here when the money calls
I want to make some on a bigger scale
They gotta understand it after all
We fuck them it’s high violence nigga, extreme
No blank shots, only reals, no frauds
Masked up with a Taliban flow, I fuck you but stay classy
The provinces got it, every verse stings
It’s crack not music anymore
Your ears act like a pussy so it’s sliding
I’m waiting for the sun to come up, I’m waiting for the sun to come up
My time is now, they will not wake up from their sleep
Who can test *hun?* Who can test
With a feint move we wont see Lucas Moura anymore
I got a permanent contract with heavy hits, you in a permanent contract with pain
Knowledge is a weapon
Reading a book will only help you apologize in front of the canon
We know who is gonna set trend and who is gonna die
Money can buy happiness, when you’re starving that’s what feeds you
Lived in Paris, landed in Mulhouse, at La Passerelle
My niggas betting on me, my future bank account on the SACEM cash
Only dirt in the wagon, mama gave birth to me with a gift
Angry face like in Gabon, make a mess that’s what we do
You dissing us nigga
I let them believe they are hard
Fuck them then we out
Without leaving a tips
Moussala Moussala (x2)
Niggas hatin’ , they’re on their toes , Nayebi basso tala
My head spinning, I feel good, I got it
Who’s turn is it ? So I can fuck him, I’m hungry, it’s gotta stop
All my O.G., all my Mastaz, all my Djacks, all my real niggas
We gon’ make it, alleluia, we gon’ taze taze all these pussies
Drunkenness all week, coded coded, coded language
Its a party at home, its la hass , vulgarity , your grand mother is outraged
Bitch I come from barbarity
I burst whatever the size is
Fuck ’em then get out, that’s my piping plan

Hook :

Barbarity (x2)
We get out the booth after this barbarity
We smash that pussy it will make a barbarity
We want the Qataris salary (x2)


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