SOFIANE – Empire ft. KAARIS (English lyrics)

Intro (Kaaris and Sofiane) :
Hey, hey, hey
Brrr, ris-Kaa, ris-Kaa, ris-Kaa, gang
Bitch !
Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch
Oh clique !
Kaaris, Kaaris !

1st verse (Kaaris) :
When I hit, I put my heart into it
I have people everywhere, the dope spot is locked down
mineral salt at the bottom of the barrel
I’m not engaged to the street, we’re married (hey, hey)
K-double-A, I’m an asshole
I already shocked you, I’m sorry about it (bitch)
You talk shit, you have a dirty mouth
When I cum deep down in it, it’s in order to wash it, hey
It stinks because your pussy’s not wet
African warrior doesn’t break
I see things big like Mutombo
Half Rambo, half Tong-Po
I want them to do over the Forbes list
I want you to look at my dick and it’s shape
Nine millimeter bullets for you to die
I send missiles out like long haul planes
Hey, ouh, I love it when I fuck mothers and their fat MILF pussies
510 horse powers, I’m driving near the reefs
4 muffler exit pipes, it’s very very aggressive
I want to make money, I want my whole family’s support, I’m adding additives
Maximum level of THC, I’m taking a toke off my joint, my eyes are blood red
Yo, fuck, don’t tell me thanks, it’s gonna piss me off
I have blood to shed, I’ll grab you by your skull and I’ll pierce it
I’m sending you a led shower in your guts just for practice
Horse dick, they bet on me at the Tiercé
You open your shit hole just to piss me off
The moon turns into a croissant just to lull me
I’m everywhere, no need to search for me, ouh
OCB, Rizla, fuck your love, we’re weirdos
We’ll fuck you, we’ll leave you at the steering wheel of the truck, and t’s not a Pizza delivery truck, ouh
I want to be left alone counting my money
I want to be left alone slicing my bars of hash
They want to walk on the moon
Me, I want to walk on your head

Bridge (Sofiane and Kaaris) :
Bitch ! Ish, ish
Check, oh, bitch !
Paw, paw ! Hey, hey
Fianso, Kaaris, 93
Paw, paw ! Hey, hey, hey !

2nd verse (Sofiane) :
I love you all but fuck you all
Big hustling, I traveled way too many kilometers
Eh, there’s gonna be a war until we’re all stacked
Start shooting at each other, I brought the pop corns
The “O.C.R.B” on all my clips, show case, mathusalem for the “O.C.T.R.I.S”
I go to bed later than an escort girl, I wake up earlier than a terrorist
I gotta organize myself in all this confusion
I make as much money as a dope spot at Saint-Ouen
I’m in the fire of the action, you gotta shoot
Forget about Dupont-Moretti
.9, MS Trece : hagra, loaded like a para, shit is like a zoo
I’ll smuggle a hundred grams in the shoe sole
Two kilos inside of Sarah Fraisou (yeah, fatty)
I’ll fuck you up, don’t you doubt it
I listen to Drake, you listen to Hamza
Affranchis music is pimpin’ the game
You need our help, homie, we’ll hook you up
It’s midnight, I got the work done before the cops managed to take me away
Bro, I’ll never kill you (but) still, buy yourself a bullet proof vest (you never know)
Who are the real guys ? Bandit Saletés, we get the guns out as soon as it gets out of hands, we load the bag up, gotta hustle
Who’s pissing everybody off ? From the “3keus” to “Clos”
Ask the O.C.L.C.O. who we are
Who we are
I’m vintage like a kilo of haya
Big guy of the projects, Mayan pyramid
I got the “boom”, I got the “ish”, I got the “click fire”
“Bam bam bam bam” in the holes of your skin
Shit is like Bankok, shit is like Stains, there’s blood on the flag
Kilo of hash, we slice them up, all the cops, we corrupt them
On the throne, there’s nothing but princes descendants of frogs
Department of the bullets, we’ll let you tell your lies
Marmelade, we’ll let you smell it
Where are you from ? Where are you from ? Where are you from ?
My brother, Fianso : 93 Empire !

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