Sofiane – Tout le monde s’en fout (English lyrics)

1st verse :
I took the emergency lane, I didn’t have time to queue up
Yeah, I’m in bad company, drunk, like half of my town
We don’t forget about the DNA, we don’t forget about the empty shells
The devil dresses in Prada or however he wants, I don’t give a fuck
Yesterday, forgot about everything, tomorrow morning talks shit
No one likes me, and if that’s the way it is, then I’ll go without you
No one will ever understand you, don’t tell them how you’re hurt
Don’t lose sight of what’s essential, deep down no one gives a shit
Grew up under a pirate flag, I would go where the wind took me
Yeah, my blood ran and I made some blood run
There’s always some arguing, there’s noise even when it’s calm
There’s some rumors that spread around and others that make you start up the car

2nd verse :
I know too many weird people, that’s why my health is deflecting
I would already be at the burying grown if I had to invent myself fake lives
You stole in order to eat, you killed, you sold heroin
We all know about it, God isn’t the only one that knows, bro
I told them “I’ll get my revenge”, of course, no one believed me
I’m trying to kill time, and also making sure no one kills me
Seeing the looks on people’s faces change, I thought that would be the epilogue
It wasn’t been counted in years, it was been counted in episodes
I can see myself running after my nights until the end of my days
I lost my way a while ago, my roof is spinning
May god forbid me from having the throne, a boss or a chief
Having to be afraid of my brothers or whatever, Jesus Marie Youssef
No one likes me, and if that’s the way it is, then I’ll go without us
Wherever the map leads solo in order to count my treasure
Don’t ever open up your heart if the rest of the world doesn’t care
They have toasts to life, we have toasts to death


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