SOOLKING – Corbeau (English lyrics)

Intro :
Zep P on the track

Unique verse :
I’m in the caravan, baby, you won’t save me, tell it to me, I won’t take nothing with me to heaven
What will I become ? Tell it to me, a baby that is crowned despite poverty
I’ve got honor, Mama, you did your best, never gave up, hold my heart
Yesterday, yesterday, yesterday (yesterday), God was making our prayers come true
Mankind, mankind, mankind, mankind threw it’s stones at us
Today or tommorow, people forgot about la niya anyways
Ask the homie V.A.L.D, this fucking world is so cruel
So cruel, baby, I’ve got so many, so many remors
I’ve witnessed the funeral of a whole people, of a whole country
I wanna be a classic like the vinyle (yeah)
At first, I “Vini” only to “Vici” this lame life
Today, my salary rose up to 10 thousand
I ask God for forgiveness and when I feel lost, the woman puts me back on the right track (yeah)
I’ve got a lot of qualities, but la niya, I forgot about it because I’m flying like an eagle in the middle of a bunch of crows
Were we friends or not ? We used to walk together, You did some mistakes you could do them all over again tommorow
Today, everything is set, I barricaded my heart and I’ve been on my two feet for years
Above the mountains of pain that I receive, I spread joy with all my “lalalala”
My tears are behind my sunglasses, I hid them, I only cry when I’m in bababa’s arms
I know some drug lords (oh yeah), smarter than Professor (oh ah)
That lost their minds (yeah, yeah), I’m being careful from the evil spells (ah ah ah ah)
I’m conquering the North like Jon Snow, last year was a blood bath
Gold and Platinum, that’s not enough, I’ll kill the king in the next season
I left my village, Itachi Uchiwa, my heart was black like a crow
A moon and a star on the flag, I represent all those that the government doesn’t like
We, we, we, we, we’re hyenas and killing them makes us laugh
What do you want ? The truth ? The streets galvanized us
I’ll never have too many millions (no), I’ll be starving for ever (yeah)
War in order to have peace (ouh), how lucky, we’ll get it

Outro :
We’re not super heros, that’s the reason why we have companions in order to help us. Together, we can acheive what seems impossible alone. If you want to know who you really are, listen to your heart and accept it the way it is, even if it’s difficult !

SOOLKING – Corbeau (English lyrics)


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