SOOLKING – Millionaire (English lyrics)

They abandonned me over money
I gave all I had, my feelings are in the coma
I’ll come back tommorow
And time will prove me right, alone in prison
My love has left the house, you’re gone
I’m not forgetting where I came from and when the hard times got a hold of me
This isn’t the life that I love
pour le faire un peu de money et ils ont tout foutuent en l’air
I knew it, they’re not trust worthy people, I knew it
Everything has a price sweetheart, I’ll listen to your advices from now on
Even if I have to end up alone against all of them
I’m probably going to struggle more than the night before
This isn’t the life that I love
In order to do it, I’ll forget about my past life

mon coeur n’est pas a vendre


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