SOOLKING – Rockstar (English lyrics)

1st verse :
My life isn’t a movie, and if I screw it up, It won’t cut
Son of a bitch, you’re below me, it’s no wonder you keep throwing low blows at me
I started at the bottom, today I’m everywhere
I know that there’s a lot of enemies that would love to kill me like Tupac
Click paw, nigga die ! Ah lala
If I can’t manage to get by today, inchallah I’ll get by tomorrow
I would like to leave far away, far from all this
Far from all these bad souvenirs, I’ll take my mother with me
Read our eyes, there’s our whole history there
We live a dog’s life, so we have bastard’s stories
I won’t lower my head, I’m khadafi, I’m Saddam
The traitors who throw you under the bus, they’re not allowed to eat at my table

Chorus :
She wants to bear my family name, yeah, whatever
She wants to wear croc’, she mistook me for Tory Lanez
So I’ll remain alone, girl
I live my life like a rockstar, remember my name
Yeah, yeah

2nd verse :
There’s weight on my shoulder like Piccolo, King Piccolo
Just let me fly away to the sky island, mankind disgust me
They don’t love us, it’s funny, they even wish death on us
Let them know that we don’t give a fuck ,there’s only God that scares us
Who do you think you’re scaring ? Tell me, you pussy, who ?
Like the cops at 6 in the morning, we’ll come jump you while you’re in your bed
Oh my God, oh my God, oh my
I’m succeeding, they’re raging, they’re raging, it’s normal
I’m an immigrant, she’s telling me that I look more American
I’m from the mountains, baby, I’m a real djazayri
And we’re everywhere, everywhere, everywhere
I come through your town, they welcome me like a rockstar
I don’t need their help, help, help
Just me and my loved ones, we make our money and we leave
Yeah, yeah


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